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  • BP Spills Coffee on Sep 12, 11
  • 10 Negative Effects Of Teen Depression on Oct 11, 09
  • Causes of Teen Depression - Teen Depression on Oct 10, 09
    • In adolescents, depressed mood is common because of the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it, the influence of sex hormones, and independence conflicts with parents.
    • a reaction to a disturbing event, such as the death of a friend or relative, a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or failure at school.
    • Persistent depressed mood, faltering school performance, failing relations with family and friends, substance abuse, and other negative behaviors may indicate a serious depressive episode

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  • Things Fall Apart essays - An Analysis of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart on Oct 10, 09
    • The novel "Things Fall Apart", by Chinua Achebe, was an eye-opening account of the life and eventual extinction of an African tribe called the Ibo. It focuses on one character, Okonkwo, who at a very early age set out on a quest of self-perfectio

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    Links to metadata for GIS layers stored on the Lewis & Clark College GIS server, primarily used by the Environmental Studies Program. Each description includes an overview and the local path for adding the layer when using the GIS server. Spatial data download sites and WMS sites are also available. Bookmarks to data can be added by any registered Lewis & Clark researcher, and searched by anyone.

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