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  • Art.In.General

    528 members, 944 items

    Welcome! This is a group for anyone interested in art & its related resources. Members are able to share, review, and comment on bookmarks. To keep track on the latest news and bookmarks, you can subscribe to the feed ( or the email alert (Homepage/Alert settings). Please note that this group is NOT for promoting blogs, websites or product for personal interests.

  • artists

    284 members, 1191 items

    Collection of sites by and for art and the people who make it.

  • Found on the net

    28 members, 253 items

    Interesting things found online

  • friendfeed

    34 members, 95 items

    Share Friendfeed Resources

  • Graphic designers and illustrators

    266 members, 1184 items

    Resources for graphic designers and illustrators especially those that work or want to work freelance.

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