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Apple Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher

I am interested in education,Apple,Google,innovation,technology,integration,professional,development,tennis,reading,photography.

I use Diigo because it takes social bookmarking once step further. I like to create groups around certain topics, and I make lists of bookmarks for teachers I support in their efforts to integrate technology into their curricula.

Member since Oct 28, 2007, follows 805 people, 79 public groups, 17913 public bookmarks (18081 total).

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  • 1:1 laptop

    97 members, 206 items

  • Ad4dcss/Digital Citizenship

    535 members, 2454 items

    ADVOCATES FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP, SAFETY & SUCCESS. Grassroots effort of educators, parents, and teens to promote digital citizenship, safety, and success. Advocacy for wise, balanced, researched based actions in the offline world to promote online citizenship, safety, and success.

  • Apples for Kids

    129 members, 100 items

    A look at how Apple computers is impacting on the K-12 classroom. Here we share not only products, but great teaching ideas.

  • AUP 2.0

    24 members, 61 items

    Resources for schools and districts that are in the process of updating their Acceptable Use Policy to include Web2.0 and social media tools.

  • Challenge Based Learning

    49 members, 178 items

    This is a group for educators interested in exploring Challenge Based Learning. Please share links related to any inquiry-based learning methods, projects, strategies, examples, etc. You can also join our group in the Global Education Conference Network:

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