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  • Skateboarding

    27 members, 62 items

    Interested in skateboarding? There's no book! Or name one, thanks. Just do it, check it out with videos on the net and now, thanks to Diigo, discuss.

  • Sport and Exercise

    630 members, 1063 items

    A group for anyone interested in sports performance, exercise and fitness, sport science, coaching or sports business.

  • Sta Upisati

    1 members, 1 items great website related to educational purposes. They provide listing of all colleges and Universities in Serbia and their reviews. There you can also discus their pros and cons on our forum and check out reviews of colleges done by others. More info here:

  • Urban Extreme sports

    2 members, 3 items

    Home of urban extreme sports and a place where you can get familiar with different types of adrenalin sports. Here you can discus new styles, new sports and much more. Review pictures and enjoy articles from around the world.

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