I'm interested in many things. I'm most fascinated with the overall advancement of the human race through technology. I think the exchange of information is accelerating the pace of the human race exponentially. Smart phones are opening up a whole new avenue to deliver the internet to any user at ...

I am interested in Music,Film,Technology,Smart Phones,Computers,Internet,Business,Open Source,Android,Rooting,Applications,Apps,Mobile,Google,Linux,Mac,Guitar,Piano,Keyboard,Organ,Drums,Djembe,Turn Based Video Games,Law,Legal,Family Law,Criminal Law,Audio,Video,Cameras,Video Editing,Final Cut Pro,Final Cut Studio,Propellerhead Reason,Video Games,XBox,Motorola Phone,Android Development,CM9,Cyanogenmod,Ice Cream Sandwich,ICS,Politics,Investing,Stock Market,ETFs,Mutual Funds,Stocks,ShareBuilder,Color Correction,Effects,Compositing,Text Animation,Improvisation,Parenting,Legislation,Supreme Court,Statistics. My favorite music are Rock,Jazz,Electronic,Alternative,Psychedelic,Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,The Doors,Led Zeppelin,The Raconteurs,The Dead Weather,The White Stripes,Jack White,The Allman Brothers,Yes. Movies: Taxi Driver,Fargo,A Serious Man,2001: A Space Odyssey,A Clockwork Orange,Full Metal Jacket..

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