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  • Copyright in Education

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    All the core sites referencing copyright in Education. <br /><br />Some topical copyright cases as they emerge. <br /><br />Some exemplars by country. <br /><br />Some pointers to key bloggers. <br /><br />Pointers to large resources for download (don't forget to attribute where appropriate) <br /><br />Image for group from Marco Gomes. Main tagged keyword types "analysis" "casestudy" "news" "resource" "guidance" "UK"

  • DiigoEdTechPreso

    64 members, 47 items

    Links and resources for educators doing presentations about Diigo

  • EdTechRoundup

    36 members, 467 items

    teachers using ed tech meet online using flashmeet every sunday. the discussion is recorded and made into a podcast. the links are saved in delicious and here in diigo. every few weeks there is a special focus on a particular topic, e.g. blogging in the classroom, where some particular guests are inv

  • EdTechTalk

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    This is the group for

  • educational technology integration

    164 members, 272 items

    InfusEdtech has been created to help teachers, therapists, students, parents, caregivers, etc. effectively infuse technology into their daily lives and practice.

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