I'm a Brazilian EFL educator always eager to learn and discover new ways of doing things.
I blog at http:/collablogatorium.blogspot.com, http://brazilnaskeywest.wordpress.com and http://carlaarena.posterous.com (for English students)

I use Diigo because it has great sharing potential and powerful features to build knowledge collectively.

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  • Academic Writing

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    Sharing useful resources for Academic Writing.

  • Ad4dcss/Digital Citizenship

    499 members, 2375 items

    ADVOCATES FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP, SAFETY & SUCCESS. Grassroots effort of educators, parents, and teens to promote digital citizenship, safety, and success. Advocacy for wise, balanced, researched based actions in the offline world to promote online citizenship, safety, and success.

  • Business English

    1 members, 8 items

    Casa Thomas Jefferson's Business English Resources.


    200 members, 2058 items

    Useful items on the web for teachers of ESL/EFL and their students. Please see our tag library at the CALL IS moodle: http://www.call-is.org/moodle/, or in our Group Forum.To add bookmarks easily, please add a Diigo toolbar or Diigolet button to your browser. (You can hide it from the >View >Toobar menu in Firefox, or similar function in other browsers.)

  • change11

    133 members, 437 items

    Group to accompany the MOOC change11

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