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  • ISIS launch WAR ON NATURE by kidnapping 7000 endangered GAZELLES | World | News | Daily Express about 8 hours ago
  • AI likely to be used to analyze exploding digital evidence : The DONG-A ILBO about 8 hours ago
  • Prisoners' code word caught by software that eavesdrops on calls | New Scientist about 8 hours ago
    • The software saw the phrase “three-way” cropping up again and again in the calls – it was one of the most common non-trivial words or phrases used.
    • The software then taught itself to transcribe speech by using recordings of US congressional hearings, matching up the audio with the transcripts.
  • The White House Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Solve Mass Incarceration about 8 hours ago
    • Microsoft already has programs that can predict recidivism for 91% of inmates
    • Without clear rules on how police can use body-worn cameras, they could just become another tool to surveil the over-policed.
  • Flawed data complicates criminal justice AI -- FCW about 9 hours ago
    • much of the data that law enforcement officials work with is incomplete
    • only a fraction of robberies, assaults and crimes of sexual violence "are even reported to the police," and arrests are made in only 65 percent of homicides
  • White House Adviser: AI Could Make Criminal Justice System Fairer - about 9 hours ago
    • deep analysis of footage from body-worn cameras could also help police departments identify cops who are good at de-escalating incidents
  • AI for President | Tech Buzz | TechNewsWorld about 9 hours ago
    • Once the AI system became connected and resourced appropriately, anyone buying large amounts of ammunition and an assault rifle would be flagged. Anyone using hate speech against anyone would be flagged. Anyone with a history of domestic violence would be flagged, and anyone who appeared to be aligning with a hostile entity would be flagged.
    • people are creating these machine intelligences, and that means some of them will be corrupted by design, so that they don't do anything that disagrees with their creators' world view
    • there literally will be insane machine intelligences, because they were improperly programmed on purpose. The chance of putting one of those things into power unfortunately is very high

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  • Farewell to Person of Interest, one of the best shows about spy tech ever made | Ars Technica about 9 hours ago
    • Finch's only companion, other than Reese, is a mysterious AI he built called the Machine. Locked behind government firewalls, the Machine has one backdoor for communicating with Finch
    • when its predictive algorithms determine someone is about to experience violence, as a victim or perpetrator, the Machine transmits that person's social security number to Finch via payphone
    • Their secret weapon is always the Machine, whose sensorium is made up of every surveillance device in the country and whose mind encompasses every form of personal data you could possibly imagine.
  • Frankenstein’s paperclips | The Economist about 10 hours ago
    • AIs need not have human-like motives or psyches
    • Even a “fettered superintelligence”, running on an isolated computer, might persuade its human handlers to set it free.
    • “A lot of the alarmism comes from people not working directly at the coal face, so they think a lot about more science-fiction scenarios,” says Demis Hassabis of DeepMind. “I don’t think it’s helpful when you use very emotive terms, because it creates hysteria.”

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  • Utah militia leader planned to bomb federal cabin, FBI says - CBS News about 10 hours ago

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    Information regarding the allegations made against IPCC before and during COP15 - Climategate, Glaziergate, whatevergate. In other words: Journalismgate research."Press reports are wildly, spectacularly inconsistent, as the press tries to spectacularize a sober, unspectacular, genuine critique into a crisis or a triumph."

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