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  • applied statistics

    19 members, 40 items

    Discussion about statistical software packages, applied statistics and data analysis

  • Climategate

    1 members, 13 items

    Information regarding the allegations made against IPCC before and during COP15 - Climategate, Glaziergate, whatevergate. In other words: Journalismgate research."Press reports are wildly, spectacularly inconsistent, as the press tries to spectacularize a sober, unspectacular, genuine critique into a crisis or a triumph."

  • Environment-climate-&-energy

    2 members, 22 items

  • Fooled by the black swan

    1 members, 32 items

    Reading, understanding and using the books of Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan. I was also impressed by Eric Beinhocker's The Origin of Wealth and will look out for similar reading online and printed. Please join :-)

  • Linux

    753 members, 1239 items

    Please share your stuff about Linux.

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