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  • float sticky plan

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    I wanna use the diigo's float sticky to comment the whole web, that is, when I visited a new web page, I'll comment it with a public float sticky, the result is, when the diigo become popular, people will find that, the whole web's page is our groups! And maybe, is there anybody want me to add a A.D

  • Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0

    2810 members, 3730 items

    This Diigo group is dedicated to the topic of Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0.

  • vonbogametech

    1 members, 5 items

    something about game

  • Web 2.0 Tools

    4002 members, 9752 items

    A collection of Web 2.0 or Cloud based tools for educators, creative & social entrepreneurs. Moderated by Helen Baxter, author of Dance at Work: the Creative Business Toolkit. No spam, SEO or web marketing links please!

  • Web2.0

    4637 members, 8961 items

    discuss everything about Web2.0

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