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  • The Swift Programming Language: A Swift Tour on Jun 02, 14
    • Use let to make a constant and var to make a variable.
  • Does your kid need a LinkedIn profile? - MarketWatch on May 26, 14
  • Stevey's Blog Rants: Get that job at Google on May 25, 14
    • But the gold mine is the second half of the book, which is a sort of encyclopedia of 1-pagers on zillions of useful problems and various ways to solve them, without too much detail.
    • You should especially know about the most famous classes of NP-complete problems, such as traveling salesman and the knapsack problem, and be able to recognize them when an interviewer asks you them in disguise.
    • You should find out what NP-complete means

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  • Boost智能指针——weak_ptr - 天方 - 博客园 on May 20, 14
    • 弱引用能检测到所管理的对象是否已经被释放,从而避免访问非法内存
  • 八位二进制数为什么表示范围是:-128~~+127? - steel的专栏 - 博客频道 - CSDN.NET on May 17, 14
    • 引入了补码概念. 负数的补码就是对反码加一,而正数不变,正数的原码反码补码是一样的.在补码中用(-128)代替了(-0),所以补码的表示范围为:
  • What does a just-in-time (JIT) compiler do? - Stack Overflow on May 17, 14
    • A JIT compiler runs after the program has started and compiles the code (usually bytecode or some kind of VM instructions) on the fly (or just-in-time, as it's called) into a form that's usually faster, typically the host CPU's native instruction set. A JIT has access to dynamic runtime information whereas a standard compiler doesn't and can make better optimizations like inlining functions that are used frequently.
  • Blocks | Ry's Objective-C Tutorial | RyPress on May 16, 14
    • The fact that non-local variables are copied as constants means that a block doesn’t just have access to non-local variables—it creates a snapshot of them.
    • Freezing non-local variables as constant values is a safe default behavior in that it prevents you from accidentally changing them from within the block; however, there are occasions when this is desirable. You can override the const copy behavior by declaring a non-local variable with the __block storage modifier:
    • They solve the same problem as function pointers, but the fact that they can be defined inline makes the resulting code much easier to read

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  • TinkerGame - Learning by playing games, on Jan 16, 14
  • PythonSpace - on Jan 07, 14
  • 众筹需要注意的5个点_理财频道_华讯财经 on Nov 07, 13
    • 曾有一位企业家这样说过:“我喜欢 Kickstarter 的主要原因在于它能帮你验证一个想法是否真正有价值。花少许时间少许钱做段视频写点文案放在 Kickstarter 的平台上,你就能知道人们是否会为你的产品或想法买单。相比传统渠道,从 Kickstarter 能融到的钱根本不算什么,真正的收获在于你能探知这块市场的潜力到底有多少。”
    • 把你的项目放到网上,等于是给山寨党出主意。如果你的创意本来独一无二,那山寨党就会让你没饭吃,你最好还是放弃众筹的想法。
    • 对于比较独特的创意,不如考虑注册个临时性专利短期有效、不受到实际审查的专利,然后再进行下一步计划。

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  • float sticky plan

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    I wanna use the diigo's float sticky to comment the whole web, that is, when I visited a new web page, I'll comment it with a public float sticky, the result is, when the diigo become popular, people will find that, the whole web's page is our groups! And maybe, is there anybody want me to add a A.D

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    This Diigo group is dedicated to the topic of Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0.

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    something about game

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    A collection of Web 2.0 or Cloud based tools for educators, creative & social entrepreneurs. Moderated by Helen Baxter, author of Dance at Work: the Creative Business Toolkit. No spam, SEO or web marketing links please!

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