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  • TinkerGame - Learning by playing games, on 2014-01-16
  • PythonSpace - on 2014-01-07
  • 众筹需要注意的5个点_理财频道_华讯财经 on 2013-11-07
    • 曾有一位企业家这样说过:“我喜欢 Kickstarter 的主要原因在于它能帮你验证一个想法是否真正有价值。花少许时间少许钱做段视频写点文案放在 Kickstarter 的平台上,你就能知道人们是否会为你的产品或想法买单。相比传统渠道,从 Kickstarter 能融到的钱根本不算什么,真正的收获在于你能探知这块市场的潜力到底有多少。”
    • 把你的项目放到网上,等于是给山寨党出主意。如果你的创意本来独一无二,那山寨党就会让你没饭吃,你最好还是放弃众筹的想法。
    • 对于比较独特的创意,不如考虑注册个临时性专利短期有效、不受到实际审查的专利,然后再进行下一步计划。
  • What is Kickstarter — Kickstarter on 2013-11-07
    • Creators keep 100% ownership of their work
    • Instead, project creators offer rewards to thank backers for their support. Backers of an effort to make a book or film, for example, often get a copy of the finished work. A bigger pledge to a film project might get you into the premiere — or a private screening for you and your friends.
  • 创业者从众筹网站能获得什么?它适合你么? - 观天 - 坐井 - 创业百科 创富利器 on 2013-11-07
    • 让更多的人知道你的问题。他认为像Kickstarter、Crowdfounder这些众筹网站最重要的是让更多的人知道创业者在做什么、有什么困难、打算怎么解决。
    • 美国视频游戏公司DoubleFine的副总裁Justin Bailey在分享他使用众筹平台的经验时就提到说,他现在遇到的几乎每一个天使投资人都会建议初创项目先去kickstarter上面试试,是骡子是马先得拉出来遛遛。
  • Your Profile | LinkedIn on 2013-11-05
  • How I Hire: Use Whiteboards in Technical Interviews | LinkedIn on 2013-11-02
    • On the one hand, it gives you insight into what kind of employee the candidate might be. But it also is your first exercise in impressing them with the values your company holds. This second objective plays no small part in allowing you to hire the best.
    • Instead, I want to see how the candidates think on their feet, and whether they can engage in collaborative problem solving with me.
    • That's because they spend so much time trying to remember the final solution, instead of working on the problem together. Those candidates have a tendency to tell others that they know the answer when they only suspect that they do. In a real-world situation, they tend to wind up without credibility or forced to resort to bullying.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 大师版for Mac - 苹果软件|苹果软件下载|Mac软件|Mac App|苹果下载|免费下载|苹果输入法|苹果网银|苹果炒股|苹果播放器|Mac播放器|iPhone 软件游戏|iPad 下载 - 苹果网 on 2013-10-24
  • Stop Creating Explainer Videos, You’re Doing It All Wrong! on 2013-10-23
    • The goal of the video is to answer all of your potential customers questions and concerns. If you can do that in a short video, you’ll see an increase in your conversions.
    • You don’t want to create a script that is longer than 2 or 3 minutes. If it becomes too long, you’ll start to lose people.
  • JDBC Connection Pooling on 2013-10-22
    • The doGet() method has immediate access to the connection since it has servlet scope. However the database connection is kept open for the entire lifetime of the servlet and that the database will have to retain an open connection for every user that is connected to your application. If your application supports a large number of concurrent users its scalability will be severely limited!
    • The number of connections to the back end database at any instant is reduced to the number of users who are concurrently executing doGet(). However this example will create and destroy a lot more connections than the first example and this could easily become a performance problem.

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    I wanna use the diigo's float sticky to comment the whole web, that is, when I visited a new web page, I'll comment it with a public float sticky, the result is, when the diigo become popular, people will find that, the whole web's page is our groups! And maybe, is there anybody want me to add a A.D

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