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  • Ed Tech Crew

    953 members, 9258 items

    This group has been established around the Ed Tech Crew podcast to share site, information, links, ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to join and to add any great links or ideas; the more the better so we can share them with an amazing world of students, teachers and anyone really.

  • IBSC Action Research 2012-2013

    2 members, 19 items

  • Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

    2071 members, 2067 items

    Sharing resources and ideas for use with interactive whiteboards. Also, partner with THE 2010 INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD CHALLENGE Round 1 in June Round 2 in September: - for teachers AND STUDENTS.

  • KGS Mentor

    8 members, 42 items

    Collection of links related to the mentor programme and positive psychology.

  • OZ/NZ educators

    647 members, 6874 items

    A meeting point for southern hemisphere educators to share ideas and materials and to develop networks within our own hemisphere

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