I am a Professor Emeritus of Instructional Technology and Design at USM.

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  • Cell Phones in Education

    299 members, 258 items

    This group will explore the use of cell phones in the classroom.

  • Cool Tools & Ed Tech

    1178 members, 2806 items

    This group is for cool tools on the web as well as useful resources in education and technology. Go ahead...share.

  • Cool Tools for Educators!

    2911 members, 3151 items

    This is a place to share cool new educational tools with others!

  • Education in Second Life

    489 members, 1108 items

    This is a group for people who teach using SL (MG and TG)

  • gi205nknu

    7 members, 77 items

    This is a Diigo group for GI 205 and GI 305

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