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  • Mother Canada project in Cape Breton grounded 13 minutes ago
    • Mother Canada project in Cape Breton grounded


        By Levon Sevunts |
      Friday 5 February, 2016

    • The controversial Mother Canada project planned for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia will not be going ahead.


      Citing too many unknowns, Parks Canada withdrew its support for the $25-million project, backed by a private group, the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation.


      “Parks Canada will no longer be working towards the realization of the memorial in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. As a result, the project will not be moving forward on Parks Canada land,” the news release said.


      “Parks Canada appreciates the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation’s vision in honouring Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and wishes the Foundation success in its on-going pursuits.”

    • The news came as a shock and disappointment to the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation, community director Meg Stokes said in a statement Friday afternoon. Stokes suggested that the 24-metre statue, which had support in the former Conservative government, had become a political pawn.


      “We are heartbroken that our project has fallen victim to politics and deeply saddened that so many people in Cape Breton were treated in this shocking manner by Parks Canada,” said Stokes in a statement.


      “This is disappointing to veterans across the country and the current members of the Canadian Forces who support this project.”


      Sean Howard, spokesman for Friends of Green Cove, the group that opposed the project, called the decision “bittersweet.”


      “It has been a bitter struggle and we believe an entirely preventable struggle,” Howard told CBC News. “The project should never have been seriously contemplated for Green Cove.”

  • On Assange, Following the Rules or Flouting Them? | Human Rights Watch about 1 hour ago

      On Assange, Following the Rules or Flouting Them?

    • Dinah PoKempner  

        General Counsel
    • It should not have been terribly surprising to Sweden or the United Kingdom that the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention found that the various forms of confinement suffered by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange violate his human rights. The Working Group has many times warned that it is unlawful to force someone to choose between liberty and a fundamental right, such as asylum, which Assange now enjoys only so long as he stays inside the walls of the Ecuadorean embassy.


      What is news are the deplorable rhetorical parries from the UK and Swedish governments, who both stated not just disagreement, but that the Working Group opinion would have absolutely no effect on their actions. This is not what one expects from democratic governments who usually support the UN mechanisms and international law.

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  • “You created the Islamic State”! – Journalist Brings Kerry’s Press Conference in Rome to a Halt – JAMAHIRIYA NEWS AGENCY about 23 hours ago
    • “You created the Islamic State”! – Journalist Brings Kerry’s Press Conference in Rome to a Halt
    • Jamahiriya News Agency


      A press conference was held on Tuesday following the Rome Conference and a private meeting between US Secretary of State, John Kerry and the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni.


      While John Kerry discussed measures to combat the Islamic State, journalist, Marinella Correggia, stood and began to unfurl a banner protesting the war in Syria. Security officials swiftly removed the journalist, but not before she shouted to Kerry,


      “You created the Islamic State”!

    • Privately, Ms. Correggia told Jamahiriya News Agency that the banners she and colleague Attilio Folliero prepared to present at the press conference read:


      “Daesh son of
       your wars
       your money
       your weapons”


      “Libya, Syria
       Iraq, Yemen:
       your victims”


      “Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey…
       State sponsors of terrorism”

  • Are the SAS in Libya? News crew films Western troops liaising with rebel forces | Daily Mail Online on Feb 04, 16
    • Are these men SAS helping Libyan rebels? News crew films Western troops liaising with gunmen

    • An Arab television channel has broadcast pictures which it says show Western special forces on the ground in Libya.

      Footage by the Al Jazeera television channel shows a group of six Western-looking men – described as ‘possibly British’ – talking to rebel fighters near the besieged port city of Misrata.

      With their peaked caps, wraparound sunglasses and assault rifles, the group certainly appear  different to the rag-tag rebel army battling Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.

      Scroll down for video

    • Special forces: The Western men are seen here walking away from the car and the pick-up truck, with the unarmed man in the pink T-shirt possibly an intelligence officer
    • Special forces: The Western men are seen here walking away from the car and the pick-up truck, with the unarmed man in the pink T-shirt possibly an intelligence officer
    • Elusive: The armed men quickly walk out of shot once they see the Al Jazeera camera

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  • NATO’s Secret Ground War in Libya | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization on Feb 04, 16
    • NATO’s Secret Ground War in Libya

      Global Research, May 16, 2011
      16 May 2011
    • The War on Libya – PART III


      In Part I of this text, the events which led up and set the backdrop for the present conflict in Libya were discussed.


      Part II  examined the central role of media distortion and misinformation in justifying the NATO war on “humanitarian grounds”.


      The following text examines US-NATO war plans and intelligence operations pertaining to Libya, prior to the onset of the insurrection in Eastern Libya and the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1973. 


      From the outset, the conflict in North Africa was intended to lead into an all out NATO war. The Pentagon and NATO are not only arming the Transitional Council in violation of international law, they also had forces on the ground from the start.

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  • ISIL building ‘army of the poor’ in Libya by offering African recruits up to $1,400 on Feb 04, 16
    • ISIL building ‘army of the poor’ in Libya by offering African recruits up to $1,400

      Colin Freeman, The Telegraph  

    • LONDON — ISIL is building an “army of the poor” in its new haven in Libya by recruiting footsoldiers from Africa’s poorest nations, intelligence chiefs have warned.

      The terror group’s Libyan chapter is swelling its ranks by offering cash bounties of up to $1,400 to people from impoverished neighbouring countries such as Chad, Mali and Sudan to join them. In countries where many earn less than $2 a day, even a few hundred dollars is the equivalent of a year’s salary.

      Libyan officials admit that they are almost powerless to stop the incomers, many of whom reach Libya using existing people-smuggling routes used by African migrants heading to Europe.

    • ISIL is copying a strategy first used by Libya’s late dictator, Moammar Gaddafi, who recruited thousands of mercenaries from black Africa to serve in his armies and to suppress the revolution that overthrew him five years ago.

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  • Western Airstrikes in Libya to Fight Daesh 'Intrusive and Neocolonial' on Feb 04, 16
    • Western Airstrikes in Libya to Fight Daesh 'Intrusive and Neocolonial'
    • 16:53 03.02.2016
    • Western military intervention in Libya to stop its seizure by Daesh militants would be perceived as "intrusive and neocolonial", according to Dr Arturo Varvelli, Head of Terrorism and Research Fellow at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), as he told Sputnik it could instead strengthen Daesh’s control.

      "The lack of clarity on the objectives of the possible mission […whether it is] containing ISIS [Daesh], state-building, protection of Tripoli, or whatever — is a serious mistake," Dr Varvelli told Sputnik, adding that quashing Daesh is not possible with airstrikes alone — "as recent incursions in Syria and Iraq demonstrate"-  and could ultimately make the militants stronger. 

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  • Hillary Clinton Destabilized Libya so the West Could 'Exploit the Country' on Feb 04, 16
    • Hillary Clinton Destabilized Libya so the West Could 'Exploit the Country'

    • 22:23 03.02.2016
    • As the United States begins to warn of the growing threat of Daesh in Libya, political analyst Hafsa Kara speaks to Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear about Washington’s role in destabilizing the North African nation – and the personal involvement of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

      Speaking before the anti-Daesh coalition in Rome, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the terrorist organization was being defeated in Syria and Iraq, but gaining ground in Libya – a scenario for which the US and NATO bear responsibility.

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  • Benghazi committee to review secret tapes on Clinton’s role in Libya war | Fox News on Feb 04, 16
    • Benghazi committee to review secret tapes on Clinton’s role in Libya war

    • The special congressional committee probing the Benghazi terror attacks plans to review secretly recorded tapes that reportedly raise questions about then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's role in the 2011 U.S. military intervention in Libya. 


      The Washington Times first reported that Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House committee, told his staff to review the materials. The newspaper previously reported that the audio tapes showed Pentagon officials were so concerned with Clinton's push in 2011 to back Libyan rebels against Muammar Qaddafi that they opened their own back-channels with Qaddafi to try and prevent the U.S. from entering the civil war. 

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  • Secret Benghazi report reveals Hillary’s Libya war push armed al Qaeda-tied terrorists on Feb 04, 16
    • Secret Benghazi report reveals Hillary’s Libya war push armed al Qaeda-tied terrorists

    • Last of three parts

      Libyan officials were deeply concerned in 2011, as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was trying to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power, that weapons were being funneled to NATO-backed rebels with ties to al Qaeda, fearing that well-armed insurgents could create a safe haven for terrorists, according to secret intelligence reports obtained by The Washington Times.

      The reports included a 16-page list of weapons that Libyans supposedly tracked to the rebels from Western sources or their allies in the region. The memos were corroborated by a U.S. intelligence asset familiar with the documents as well as former top Gadhafi regime official Mohammed Ismael.

      "NATO has given permission to a number of weapons-loaded aircraft to land at Benghazi airport and some Tunisian airports," the intelligence report said, identifying masses of weapons including tanks and surface-to-air missiles.

      That report, which was prepared in English so it could be passed by a U.S. intelligence asset to key members of Congress, identified specific air and sea shipments observed by Libyan intelligence moving weapons to the rebels trying to unseat the Gadhafi regime.

    • "There is a close link between al Qaeda, Jihadi organizations, and the opposition in Libya," the report warned.

      In the documents and separately recorded conversations with U.S. emissaries, Libyan officials expressed particular concern that the weapons and training given the rebels would spread throughout the region, in particular turning the city of Benghazi into a future terrorist haven.

      Those fears would be realized a little over a year later when a band of jihadist insurgents attacked the State Department diplomatic post in Benghazi and a related CIA compound, killing four Americans including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. Today, more than three years after Gadhafi fell from power and was killed, Benghazi and much of the rest of Libya remain in chaos, riddled with violence among rival tribes and thriving jihadi groups.

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