I have been a professor of Computer Information Systems at Union County College (Cranford, Elizabeth and Plainfield NJ) since 1983. My courses change as the computer field and knowledge about how people learn grows.
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  • College for the Masses - NYTimes.com about 19 hours ago
    • he didn’t have anything better to do.
    • How much money should taxpayers spend subsidizing higher education? How willing should students be to take on college debt? How hard should Washington and state governments push colleges to lift their graduation rates? All of these questions depend on whether a large number of at-risk students are really capable of completing a four-year degree.
    • And the two studies have come to remarkably similar conclusions: Enrolling in a four-year college brings large benefits to marginal students.

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  • Promising Full College Credit, Arizona State University Offers Online Freshman Program - NYTimes.com about 20 hours ago
    • each credit will cost $200, but students will not have to pay until they pass the courses,
    • Anant Agarwal, the chief executive of edX. “If you have the will to learn, just bring your Internet connection and yourself, and you can get a year of college credit.”

    • Education policy experts said the new Arizona State effort could be different, because it offers academic credit under its well-known brand and the opportunity to delay payment for that credit until it is earned.

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  • The Catch in Arizona State’s Low-Cost Freshman Year Online: No Aid - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education on Apr 24, 15
    • students using the approach will not be eligible for federal financial aid.
    • a series of online courses that will be free for anyone to take but that will allow students who pass them to earn ASU credit for around $600 per course. Students who finish eight of the online courses could effectively place out of their first year at the university for about $6,000.
    • o allow students who might be reluctant to attend college to essentially try before they buy, taking a free course and proving to themselves that they can handle it.

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  • The Making of a Higher-Ed Agitator - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education on Apr 25, 15
    • he seeks to upend the natural order of academe, in which universities derive prestige from the proportion of students they exclude.
    • Mr. Crow’s prescription for colleges amounts to a finger in the eye of the higher-education establishment
    • Arizona State, he has been a champion of "adaptive learning," a technology-driven form of instruction in which students progress through general-education courses only after demonstrating mastery of key concepts.

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  • My Nomadic Class – The Conversation - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education on Apr 24, 15
    • how much students want to take responsibility for where and how they learn, something that educational institutions have largely taken from them.
    • continual change in learning environments also helped the students learn the material
    • kinds of environments they wanted to learn in. Most of them chose lounge-like spaces, with comfortable seating, ample daylight,
  • Futures Initiative at CUNY Inspires New Teaching Styles - The Digital Campus - The Chronicle of Higher Education on Apr 21, 15
    • Successful higher education helps all students, at all institutions, to discover their life’s passion, develop their skills, and hone their talents. The university we have inherited was designed in the age of the telegraph and the Model T.
    • A cadre of American educators from about 1865 to 1925 worked hard to transform religiously affiliated liberal-arts colleges into discipline-based, professionalized, credentialed, and specialized research universities. Now we need to rethink that antiquated legacy for the world of the Internet.
    • hey often preserve and replicate Industrial Age hierarchies, but with shiny and expensive new digital tools.
  • 2015 Diono Rainier vs. Pacifica Comparison - What's the Difference, and Is it Worth it? on Apr 21, 15
    • Diono Rainier and Diono Pacifica are two of the three seats with the highest rear-facing limits currently available in the United States
    • Rainier is worth the difference under certain conditions, but not all. The headwings are designed to give extra protection in side impacts
  • 2015 Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Review: Good Budget Car Seat on Apr 21, 15
    • nicely front-to-back in vehicles, which means that parents won’t need to move their front seats up clown-car style in order to make room for the seat.
    • a bit wider than some seats
    • I’m not a fan of the 37″ rear-facing height limit

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  • Child Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings on Apr 21, 15
    • 5lb - 40lb / up to 48"
    • 5lb - 40lb / up to 49"
    • 5lb - 40lb / up to 49"
  • Best Convertible Car Seats - Top 3 Car Seat Reviews on Apr 21, 15

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