I have been a professor of Computer Information Systems at Union County College (Cranford, Elizabeth and Plainfield NJ) since 1983. My courses change as the computer field and knowledge about how people learn grows.
I wear 2 diigo hats NJinterentprof and sumware.

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  • It's Not the Kids; It's the System - Knewton about 5 hours ago
    • What students really need is the license, and opportunity, to learn in their own unique way.
    • Our education system ought to adapt to students. Instead, we force students to adapt to the system
    • Let’s stop holding our kids responsible for these “failures,” and instead hold the factory system responsible

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  • Recession time bomb ticking faster, louder - MarketWatch about 17 hours ago
    • The Fed and central banks worldwide have taken on all this leverage that was out there and put it on their balance sheets,” giving trillions to the top 1%, the world’s 1,826 billionaires, accelerating the inequality gap and fueling a new people’s revolution.
    • tenuous global anarchy of 1,826 billionaires, 67 of whom own half the assets of the entire world
  • Countdown to the stock-market Crash of 2016 is ticking louder - MarketWatch about 17 hours ago
    • Our Congressional luddites are not only in denial of global-warming science, like Greenspan they are in gross denial of the fact that their capitalist ideology is self-destructing the American economy, our democratic values and their precious capitalism.
    • Truth is, they all know these solutions. But there’s no political compromising, no cooperation, no working together for a common good ... which is why the Fed and fiscal bubbles will just keep blowing bigger and bigger till they explode ... as predicted around the 2016 elections. Pope Francis’ “Moral Imperatives” just won’t be enough to win over Exxon Mobil, the Kochs nor the senators from the coal mining State of Kentucky, and they control the vote.
    • Maybe the coming revolution of the masses will get their attention.
  • Green Bronx Machine by Stephen Ritz - GoFundMe on Jun 30, 15
    • @greenBXmachine
  • What We Need to Know About Hunger | FoodTank.com on Jun 30, 15
    • Three-quarters of the world’s agricultural land is used to for livestock, yet livestock provides only 16 percent of the world’s calories.
  • Professor Says Facebook Can Help Informal Learning – Wired Campus - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education on Jun 30, 15
    • Facebook application about climate change called Hot Dish. Within the open-source application, students could post articles and start comment threads. Unlike discussion forums that professors might require students to use, using the Facebook application was voluntary, not connected to a particular course, and driven by interest in the topic.
  • Why Aren’t Today’s Billionaires Investing in Higher Education Innovation? | EdSurge News on Jun 28, 15
    • There is an interesting precedent: The Olin Foundation was one of the largest of its day and donated hundreds of millions building new engineering buildings on existing university campuses. In the late 1990s, Olin trustees threw out the playbook. They endowed Olin College with a $450 million gift that enabled the college to take risks. No tenure, few lectures, and a revolutionary concept that taught future engineers how to learn by doing. Within a generation, Olin has become a top 10 engineering college that serves as a model for other engineering programs.
  • Cocktail of chemicals may trigger cancer | KurzweilAI on Jun 28, 15
    • “Since so many chemicals that are unavoidable in the environment can produce low dose effects that are directly related to carcinogenesis, the way we’ve been testing chemicals (one at a time) is really quite out of date.  Every day we are exposed to an environmental ‘chemical soup’, so we need testing that evaluates the effects of our ongoing exposure to these chemical mixtures.”
  • Best Low Fat Dog Foods | Dog Food Advisor on Jun 28, 15
  • Why Robots Are the Future of Elder Care | GOOD on Jun 26, 15
    • As of 2012, 22 percent of Japan was already over 65 and by 2060 the government expects the population to shrink from 127 million people to 87 million, as the over-65 demographic grows to almost 40 percent of the nation.
    • . As of 2050, the United Nations estimates that the global over-65 population will rise by 181 percent while the 15-to-65 population will rise only 33 percent.
    • in 2013 and 2014 especially, the Japanese government poured millions into incentivizing eldercare robotics development

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