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  • Gender Rolls, Tastes Like Repression! » Sociological Images on Apr 26, 15
  • An Unquenchable Year: The Jezebel Thirsty 100 on Apr 26, 15
  • First Round of Lawsuits Filed In Net Neutrality Case. Now What? - Public Knowledge on Apr 24, 15
    • USTA filed in the D.C. Circuit, while Alamo filed in the 5th Circuit - a court that is typically more hostile to the FCC.
    • to avoid confusion the statute says that any petitions filed within the first 10 days will be considered filed simultaneously.


      Yesterday was 10 days after the Order was issued

    • Doesn’t This Automatically Go To The D.C. Circuit Because Of The Verizon Case?

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  • The Death of the Comcast Deal with Time Warner - The New Yorker on Apr 24, 15
    • After the deal met opposition from two federal agencies, Comcast is now planning to drop its offer. What explains the change from inevitability to sudden failure?
    • the real story lies in the Justice Department’s gradual adoption of an important, if somewhat novel, antitrust theory, which has been adapted to consider how business is done on the Internet.
    • Because the two serve different regions of the United States, Comcast insisted, they are not actually direct competitors

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  • Student Loan Debt, Flat Wages Causing Youth to Ditch Theaters, Says AMC Chief | Variety on Apr 24, 15
    • Money worries — not gaming or YouTube — are responsible for the decline in younger moviegoers, AMC Entertainment CEO Gerry Lopez told Variety this week at CinemaCon.
    • It’s not just the rising costs of cellphone or cable bills that are eating into discretionary spending. There are macro-economic trends at play, he stressed
    • Studies show that wages have stagnated or declined over the past 35 years. At the same time, college loan debt has reached punishing levels

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  • A GUIDE TO 80’S TEEN BOOK SERIES PART 4 S-Z | CLIQUEY PIZZA 2: more 80's teen book series & pop culture on Apr 17, 15
  • Millennials Trust User-Generated Content 50% More Than Other Media on Apr 17, 15
  • A Terrible Explanation for Rising College Costs | Demos on Apr 12, 15
    • Campos claims that aggregate state higher education funding is in fact skyrocketing, citing its rise from $11.1 billion in 1960 to $86.6 billion in 2009. Neglecting the reality that state funding has since declined to $78.8 billion, as of 2013, the huge flaw with his claim is that it ignores the equally rapid rise in enrollment at public universities, whose population has grown nearly 500 percent, from 2.5 million students in 1961 to nearly 15 million in 2013. Campos ignores this huge increase, despite the fact that nearly every reputable expert on higher education reports funding in per-student terms, and for good reason: because ignoring it would be irresponsible. 
    • Higher education is a particularly expensive service to provide because, as economists like to say, it benefits from few efficiencies of scale: that is, the “per-unit” cost of producing a lot of higher education is roughly the same as producing a small amount.
  • The shooting of Walter Scott and the way we watch people die - The Washington Post on Apr 08, 15
  • Brian Grazer: New 'Arrested Development' Episodes in the Works - The Hollywood Reporter on Apr 08, 15
    • it is unclear if Netflix will be involved with the new season. Grazer did not mention the streaming service in his interview, and the company declined to comment on the new episodes. 

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