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  • Showtime Will Become The First Premium Service On Hulu | Deadline on Jul 07, 15
    • CBS was the only Big 4 network that didn’t join the Hulu joint venture. But that hasn’t stopped the company from letting the streaming service offer its new Showtime stand-alone online package
    • ubscribers will be able to access Showtime through the Hulu app
  • Is The NFL-Yahoo Streaming Deal The Start Of A Sports Television Revolution? | VICE Sports on Jul 03, 15
    • NFL announced that Yahoo had acquired global streaming rights to a single regular-season game
    • two home TV markets (second- and third-smallest in the NFL, per will still get the game over the air
    • Internationally, those who don't or can't pay for the NFL's GamePass international streaming service will finally be able to tune in to a live match at a reasonable hour.

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  • Recrimination and Ruined Hope – The New Inquiry on Jun 01, 15
    • this trend has developed in the aftermath of student protests over privatization and other crises, and needs to be considered in conjunction with them.
    • During all this, the overwhelming majority of faculty remained distant and passive. I’m not aware that Laura Kipnis was ever moved to editorialize about the plight of students who fought for political expression during these years; few feminist faculty were, despite their avowed beliefs.
    • In fact, aggressive vulnerability is neither a blind contradiction nor supposed to be celebratory. It can mean different things in practice, without those things’ implying that it is anyone’s model of what meaningful remediation would be.

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  • AOL Was Approached by Three Other Bidders After Verizon | Re/code on May 28, 15
  • Broadcasters Shop at Home for Shows - WSJ on May 28, 15
    • Walt Disney<!--  --> Co.<!--  -->  DIS      0.14  %        <!--  -->’s ABC will own or have a stake in almost 70% of its coming schedule, compared with 59% now and 48% in 2010
    • Fox, where 68% of the network’s 2015-2016 lineup is produced or co-produced by sister companies at its parent, <!--  --> 21st Century Fox<!--  -->,<!--  -->  FOX      -0.71  %        <!--  --> up from 52% the previous year.
    • CBS has ownership interests in 68% of its 2015-16 lineup, while NBC has 52%.

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  • The Worst Kind Of Groundhog Day: Let's Talk (Again) About Diversity In Publishing : Code Switch : NPR on May 28, 15
  • How We're Voting on the Union, and Why on May 28, 15
  • Verizon's $4.4B Purchase of AOL: Who Wins, Who Loses - Hollywood Reporter on May 26, 15
    • Verizon's $4.4 billion planned acquisition of AOL
    • BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk. "Verizon is trying to move into an over-the-top pay TV business with a mobile-first strategy," he adds. "They're looking to monetize that and clearly AOL has some assets on the ad tech side that are attractive to them."
  • Reactions To Charter-TWC Deal: Comcast Applauds, Activists Prepare To Fight | Deadline on May 26, 15
  • Sen. Bennet Asks FCC to Rethink Effective Competition | Multichannel on May 26, 15
    • The chairman has circulated an order reversing the "effective competition" presumption given that the FCC has granted, in whole or in part, every such petition since 2013, primarily due to the presence of two national video competitors, Dish and DirecTV.
    • A finding of effective competition triggers basic cable rate deregulation regulation and removes the requirement that retrans stations be on that basic tier.

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