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  • Film: "Beasts of No Nation": Netflix's first theatrical release deserves to be watched at the cinema | The Economist on Sep 24, 15
  • Riots, suicides, and other issues in Foxconn's iPhone factories - CNET on Sep 19, 15
  • Why Fan Theories Are Destroying Film Discourse | Movie Mezzanine on Sep 18, 15
  • Appeals court strikes a blow for fair use in long-awaited copyright ruling | Ars Technica on Sep 16, 15
    • the three-judge panel found that Universal Music Group's view of fair use is flawed
    • That toddler's mother, Stephanie Lenz, acquired pro bono counsel from the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    • The judges ruled today that copyright holders "must consider the existence of fair use before sending a takedown notification."

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  • Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Way - The New York Times on Sep 02, 15
  • Inside Amazon's Warehouse - tribunedigital-mcall on Sep 02, 15
  • What Amazon Didn’t Understand About Overwork | The Nation on Aug 30, 15
  • Twitter's 'Mystery Hollywood' implodes: @MysteryExec was a fake on Aug 25, 15
  • 11 TED Talks on Effective Communication in the Workplace on Aug 25, 15
  • ‘Sesame Street’ to Air First on HBO for Next 5 Seasons - The New York Times on Aug 25, 15
    • The group will produce 35 new “Sesame Street” episodes a year, up from the 18 it now produces. It will also create a spinoff series based on the “Sesame Street” Muppets along with another new educational series for children.
    • It is an unexpected union: the nonprofit behind a TV show created to teach children in underserved communities matched with the premium cable network that targets affluent adults with innovative programming
    • For Sesame Workshop, the deal helps alleviate funding pressures the group has faced, especially since important revenues from sources like DVD sales have eroded

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