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Diigo Launches V3: A Marriage between Rich Web Research Tools and Social Networking

Reno, Nevada, March 20, 2008 -- Diigo,, today announced the launch of Diigo 3.0, a next generation social bookmarking and annotation service that enables users to increase research productivity, readily exchange information, and connect with others who share their interests and concerns.

This launch includes a completely new UI and code base, and over 100 new features. In addition to substantial improvements in its usability and power as a research tool, the new Diigo tightly integrates social networking with knowledge-sharing, making Diigo a pioneer in what may be called "social information networking."

Following is an overview of the new features and enhancements:

Improved usability as a research tool:The entire browser extension has been re-designed for improved ease of use, and it now provides a sidebar where a user can easily search and access his bookmarks, and view all the annotations associated with the current web page. On the website, a new and innovative way to organize bookmarks as lists is provided, in addition to organizing by tags.

Improvements as a team research platform: Diigo's powerful group bookmarks and annotations have been further improved. Group members can now vote up bookmarks so important information emerges on the top. Group tag dictionary, an innovative concept by Diigo, is introduced to help tagging consistency.

Social Browsing: Diigo Toolbar now enables a social browsing experience. While you are reading a web page, the Diigo sidebar shows you who else has bookmarked or commented on this page, who else has bookmarked other pages on the same site, and what other similar pages and sites they have bookmarked.

Personalized Social Content: Diigo as a source of social content has been substantially enhanced. You can now find and subscribe to the most recent or most popular bookmarks under any set of tags. You can also discover interesting content through your friends. Based on your bookmarking activities, Diigo provides recommended news and resources personalized to your interests.

Social Information Networking: Rich social networking features have been tightly integrated with social bookmarking and annotation to enable more meaningful social connections and intellectual exchanges. So you can keep in touch and interact with friends through readings and annotations non-intrusively and with little extra effort. Multiple ways are provided for sharing information with friends both on Diigo and elsewhere, with varying degrees of non-intrusiveness. You can also find "people like me" - those who are closest to you in interests, or search people by tags or sites to find others who share certain specific interests with you. Once you find people of interest to you, you can connect with them in multiple ways: invite them to add you as a friend, send them messages, invite them to a group, or simply add them to your watchlist.

"The new Diigo combines the best of social networking, bookmarking, highlighting, and annotating to let people discover, save, and share the information that is important to them personally or professionally," said Wade Ren, CEO of Diigo. "Not only can people find a collective repository of searchable and relevant information, but they can markup and save information along the way - all while keeping in touch with friends and connecting with like-minded people."

About Diigo, Inc

Founded in 2005, Diigo was a pioneer in "social annotation", providing robust tools that enable seamless bookmarking, tagging, highlighting, clipping, annotating, sharing, and searching of information to deliver a new level of productivity for knowledge workers. Diigo has been called ""a move to maturity in the Web 2.0" and "a research tool that rocks".

With this new release, Diigo continues a tradition of innovation by tightly integrating social networking with knowledge sharing, making the new Diigo a pioneer in what may be called "social information networking".

Diigo is pronounced as Dee'go. The name "Diigo" is an abbreviation for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.", an intentional open mandate for Diigo to relentlessly innovate to make Diigo the best knowledge sharing and management platform for individuals, work groups, and companies. Diigo is privately held, and based in Reno, NV.

For more information, please visit Contact: Maggie Tsai, VP, Corporate Development

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