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John Evans
@joevans Awesome! We went ice fishing on Sunday at Balsam Harbour. I remember driving by the sign for Island Beach! I thought I saw Trail signs too. You’ll have to head South toward Gill Lake sometime!
John Evans
This kid is amazing. He’s giving me... whiplash.
John Evans
It’s probably a little vain to retweet your own quote. But, what I lack in humility I make up for in enthusiasm.
John Evans
After years at Gull Lake, this morning I discovered we’re right by a section of the Trans-Canada Trail! I enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine (& cold) this morning down a few kilometres of groomed trail (and I wasn’t run over by the snowmobiles eith
Phil Taylor

The manitoba-educators Daily

The latest The manitoba-educators Daily! Thanks to @BeaMW6590 @AnnickRauch @prtaylorca #gsuiteedu #controlaltachieve

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Phil Taylor

Learning Styles Don't Exist - The Educator's PLN

The idea of Learning Styles is still being taught in many schools. Another Myth debunked. Check out "Learning Styles Don't Exist" on The Educator's PLN: #Edchat

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