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Doug Peterson

iOS 7.1.x code points to Siri support on Apple TV | Electronista

iOS 7.1.x code points to Siri support on Apple TV | Electronista

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Lesley Reilly

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Overview and Benefits

Intel’s Assessing Projects Tool tool is a free application that you can use to design your own assessments for different purposes. You can also access a library of existing assessments which you can then modify and personalize as needed. The site also offers opportunities to learn more about assessment strategies and research.

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Lesley Reilly

What is Authentic Assessment? | Edutopia

In this video, you will listen to teachers and students at New York City’s School of the Future explain how they are implementing authentic assessment in the school across grades six through twelve.

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Lesley Reilly

From Differentiated Instruction to Differentiated Assessment — Whole Child Education

This article focuses on the “Homework Menu” approach which allows a teacher to create a single assignment, that still offers some choice and control for the student.

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Lesley Reilly

Learning to Love Assessment, Carol Ann Tomlinson

In this article, Carol Tomlinson describes ten things she has come to understand as a teacher regarding “informative” assessment.

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