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Michelle Krill
Same @hmosertweets !
Audrey Nay

Dec 8 - UnpluggedTeaching digital technologies with litera...

Dec 8 - Unplugged
Teaching digital technologies with literacy is possible with resources like the Hello Ruby The book series supplemented by #csermoocs #AdventCalendar2019 #DigitalTechnology #ComputationalThinking

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Michelle Krill
The Design Learning Process coaching model. #iu13stc
Michelle Krill
It all starts with CHOICE! Even the seemlingly smallest choice matters because our kids matter. @ajjuliani #iu13stc
Michelle Krill
Yay for @PAECT, one of the sponsors of #iu13etc. Everyone is welcome to join. Bring your students to our Student Showcase! #paect #ktifamily @heallens
Michelle Krill
So pumped to attend the Secondary Technology Concerence af #iu13etc and to hear @ajjuliani speak! #empower
Michelle Krill

iPhone users, rejoice: Google Maps gets Incognito mode on iOS - CNET

iPhone users, rejoice: Google Maps gets Incognito Mode on iOS

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Michelle Krill
2030 UN goal with @A.J.Juliani Created with #AppleClips #iu13etc
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