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Kim Cofino

Lissa Layman on Twitter: "Just recorded our #COETAIL2 invitation/launch video with @mscofino @nzchrissy @jutecht....SOOOOOO excited to get this party started! Is it September yet?!?! #COETAIL…"

Better late than never! #coetail #coetail2

— Kim Cofino (@mscofino) April 19, 2018

Better late than never! #coetail #coetail2

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Åke Nygren
  • The problem of fake news has existed since the dawn of time, but the question of how to create social networks that don’t promote fake material over and above factually accurate data is a very real problem — particularly in the wake of recent findings suggesting that not only does fake news spread faster and further than real news, it spreads that way because people enjoy spreading it
  • study of how news propagates on Twitter

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Åke Nygren
  • tumultuous two years not only for Facebook, but also for the rest of the world's dominant internet platforms, which face a blowback after years spent growing rich by monetizing your personal data
  • What better time, then, to examine whether the internet makes our lives better or worse, and in what way

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