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Todd Suomela
  • Discovery tools have fed a broad and sometimes bitter debate within the library world. Last year, for example, one library consortium, the Orbis Cascade Alliance, grew so frustrated with the lack of cooperation between two major vendors in the discovery business, Ex Libris Group and ­Ebsco Information Services, that it issued open letters urging the companies to "bring this nonsense to an end." Promising signs are emerging, however, including Ebsco’s announcement last week of a new data-sharing policy that the company calls "a huge advancement in cooperation."
Todd Suomela

Alex Ross reviews ‘Gustav Mahler. Vol. III. Vienna’ by Henry-Louis de La Grange and ‘The Mahler Companion’ edited by Donald Mitchell and Andrew Nicholson · LRB 24 August 2000

"Gustav Mahler. Vol. III. Vienna: Triumph and Disillusion (1904 to 1907) by Henry-Louis de La Grange
Oxford, 1024 pp, £35.00, February 1999, ISBN 0 19 315160 X
The Mahler Companion edited by Donald Mitchell and Andrew Nicholson
Oxford, 652 pp, £50.00, May 1999, ISBN 0 19 816376 2"

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Todd Suomela

PLOS ONE: Everything Is Permitted? People Intuitively Judge Immorality as Representative of Atheists

"Scientific research yields inconsistent and contradictory evidence relating religion to moral judgments and outcomes, yet most people on earth nonetheless view belief in God (or gods) as central to morality, and many view atheists with suspicion and scorn. To evaluate intuitions regarding a causal link between religion and morality, this paper tested intuitive moral judgments of atheists and other groups. Across five experiments (N = 1,152), American participants intuitively judged a wide variety of immoral acts (e.g., serial murder, consensual incest, necrobestiality, cannibalism) as representative of atheists, but not of eleven other religious, ethnic, and cultural groups. Even atheist participants judged immoral acts as more representative of atheists than of other groups. These findings demonstrate a prevalent intuition that belief in God serves a necessary function in inhibiting immoral conduct, and may help explain persistent negative perceptions of atheists."

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Todd Suomela

What’s the liberal equivalent of climate denial? - Vox

"So here's one way to potentially unite Krugman, Chait and Kahan: Republicans and Democrats are similarly prone to partisan self-deception on the individual level, but the weakness of the Republican Party establishment has left the Democratic Party more capable of checking its worst impulses on the national level."

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