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Debra Beck

Laramie Board Learning Project: Nonprofit governance practice: Learning driven by board member questions

"Nonprofit governance practice: Learning driven by board member questions "

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  • As I revisit these question examples today, one thing becomes clear: It's not necessarily the question itself that matters (though, obviously, we need board members to see and take opportunities to ask questions challenging "common sense" and stretching our comfort zones). It's the board's capacity to take those questions and translate them into expansive conversations that take them in sometimes surprising directions.
  • It's the presence of members who can think differently, who are willing to challenge their assumptions and the "obvious" answers, and be open to coming up with different kinds of decisions than they might originally expect - and be okay with that. It's the presence of a mix of different ways of thinking and pools of experience that make that kind of potentially transformative discussion possible.
Paul Simbeck-Hampson

Building Thought Leadership through Content Curation

How to become a thought curator, not just a collector by @corrinew>

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