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Harold Jarche

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Paul Simbeck-Hampson

Like this tool! an great example :-)

@AndrewGerkens @ActivateLearn @simbeckhampson @AnastasiaAshman Like this tool! an great example :-)

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Debra Beck

CoI Survey | Community of Inquiry

"The community of Inquiry questionnaire is developed and validated by a collaborative research team. The members of the team, in alphabetical order, are Ben Arbaugh, Marti Cleveland-Innes, Sebastian Diaz, D. Randy Garrison, Phil Ice, Jennifer Richardson, Peter Shea and Karen Swan."

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Debra Beck

Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship: Power, communication & risk

"This e-study explores the relationship between a nonprofit executive director and the chair of the board of directors. A strong relationship between the board chair and executive is important to the success of an organization. But this relationship comes with many complexities related to power, communication, and risk tolerance. This e-study will explore these complexities using three short scenarios to explore questions such as: How is power negotiated? What happens when the two leaders have different approaches to leadership or levels of risk tolerance? How can the executive help shift the board to a new role that better meets the needs of the organization?"

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