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Clif Mims

Google+ for Schools - by Eric Curts - Google Drive

In a school setting the tools in Google+ can be used for many valuable educational purposes, including professional development, book talks, meetings, sharing resources, committees, recording instructional material, distance learning opportunities, blended learning and online learning classes, and more.

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Clif Mims

Chogger Comic Creator

"Use our comic builder to draw your own comics, caption photos, take webcam pictures and add speech balloons. Read, rate, and comment on comics made by people from all around the world."

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Clif Mims


Free public domain audiobooks. #meca14

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Henry Thiele
  • A shared learning target unpacks a "lesson-sized" amount of learning—the precise "chunk" of the particular content students are to master (
  • A shared learning target, on the other hand, frames the lesson from the students' point of view.
    • answer the following three questions from the student's point of view: 

      1. What will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?
      3. What idea, topic, or subject is important for me to learn and understand so that I can do this?
      5. How will I show that I can do this, and how well will I have to do it?

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