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Clif Mims

Setup Your Own Drop Box in Google Drive

Allow Anyone to Upload Files Directly to Your Drive

"Have you ever been in the situation when you needed someone to share a digital file with you but the file is too large to send as an email attachment? Sharing that file with you in Google Drive is a great alternative, but what happens if the person does not have a Gmail or GAFE account?

Well, it turns out there is a script that automatically provides you with a URL that allows any user to upload a file to a designated folder in your Google Drive. The beauty of this script is that anyone can send the file to your Google Drive without signing in to a Google account! Here is how to set it up (no scripting ability required)."

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Clif Mims

First Tweet - Who Tweeted It First?

"Enter search keywords, or even a link, and we'll find the first tweet that contains that term."

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Clif Mims

Dictation - Online Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition in the Browser

With Dictation, you can use the magic of speech recognition to write emails, narrate essays and long documents in the browser without touching the keyboard.

To get started, just connect the microphone to your computer and click the Start Dictation button.

Dictation uses your browser's local Storage to save all the transcribed text automatically as you speak. That means you can close the browser and it will resume from where you left off.

Speak in your Native Language

You don't have to speak in English as Chrome's engine can recognize quite a few languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Malay, Indonesian and more. Dictation will automatically determine your browser's default language and uses it for subsequent transcriptions.

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Clif Mims

Automatically Pull Data between Different Google Spreadsheets

"One feature of Google spreadsheets is there is a function called ImportRange that allows you to pull data out of one sheet and into another. This can be really useful, if for example you have a spreadsheet that you are using to collaborate with others, and then somewhere along the line you want another person to be able to see some of the data in the sheet but not all of it. e.g. if you are using this to track student grades, you could have a master sheet that you and other tutors can see all of, you could then create a separate sheet for each student, and pull through only the data that refers to them (you then share that sheet with the student) and they have a live constantly updating record of what they have achieved etc."

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Clif Mims

Research and Digital Technologies

"Research is a process. It is a continuum of stages that together make up a research plan. Below is a tentative sketch of what we think are the seven important steps of a research plan. For each of these stages we featured a short collection of web tools to help you carry it out."

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