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Jeremy Gollehon
  • it’s worth establishing that the only thing you’re trying to do when deciding on a file structure is to maximise how easily you can navigate through your code.
  • This might sound flippant but it’s quite fundamental. If following your own rules creates a structure that is harder to navigate, you’ve taken your eyes off the prize.

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • I would tell everyone to watch for three things:

    First, some country will probably replace their paper money with a cryptocurrency.

  • Second, you will start to see a critical mass of retailers who only accept cryptocurrencies for payment.

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • Some good news


    There's some good news: truly remote attacks won't be possible with this hack alone. In the most likely attack scenario, the hacker would have to directly connect to the Wi-Fi access point, and so would need to be within physical proximity to the router. "This attack doesn't scale," noted Alan Woodward, encryption expert from the University of Surrey. "It's a very targeted attack. Not like we're all going to be hit as attackers can only be in so many Wi-Fi zones at once."

Jeremy Gollehon
  • If the victim uses either the WPA-TKIP or GCMP encryption protocol, instead of AES-CCMP, the impact is especially catastrophic.  Against these encryption protocols, nonce reuse enables an adversary to not only decrypt, but also to forge and inject packets.
  • Android and Linux


    Our attack is especially catastrophic against version 2.4 and above of wpa_supplicant, a Wi-Fi client commonly used on Linux.

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • MobX will ensure that unfinishedTodoCount is updated automatically when a todo is added or when one of the finished properties is modified. Computations like these resemble formulas in spreadsheet programs like MS Excel. They update automatically and only when required.
  • If you are using React, you can turn your (stateless function) components into reactive components by simply adding the observer function / decorator from the mobx-react package onto them.

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jen1cool on Apr 04, 16

destiny -whatever-Official Destiny Live Action Trailer – Become Legend

Jeremy Gollehon
  • you should have many more  low-level unit tests than high level end-to-end tests running  through a GUI.

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