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Robert Sutor

This weekend in the Adirondacks | NCPR News

"This weekend we’ll have more than 14 hours of sunlight and a fairly bright moon. A minor geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for Saturday, and forecasts call for a chance of seeing an aurora as the earth passes through a zone in space of opposite magnetic polarity."

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • Processed bitter almonds though can safely be eaten as all the hydrogen cyanide is leached out during the heating process. Due to their toxicity before being processed, in the United States it is illegal to sell bitter almonds that are unrefined.
  • Do your research..! No one has died from eating a few handfuls of raw bitter almonds. The hydrogen cyanide is only release on contact with cancer cells but neutralised by an enzyme on healthy cells. So in effect it can “cure” cancer or at least in less severe cases. The US banned the sale of the almonds for the same reason it has banned raw milk (mostly economical).
Jeremy Gollehon
  • Newborn Defenses


    We know that a newborn’s immune system is not nearly as effective as an adult’s or even an older child’s, and that it takes many months before a newborn can fight off infection as well as someone whose immune system is fully matured. Nonetheless, you may be pleasantly reassured to know that newborns are much better protected against (or immune to) potential illnesses and diseases than you might otherwise think. This is because during pregnancy, disease-fighting antibodies made in the mother’s immune system are able to make their way across the placenta and into her baby’s body. Fortunately, these antibodies stick around for several months and are able to give newborns an added level of protection from many routine illnesses during this important time when they are not as able to effectively make their own antibodies. However, all good things must come to an end, and infants gradually get less and less benefit from their mothers’ antibodies—that is, unless they are breastfed.

  • The Value of Breast Milk
  • It is because of this significant boost in immunity that breastfed babies have been shown to get sick less often, suffer from fewer ear infections, and experience less severe symptoms when they do get sick.
Jeremy Gollehon
  • The first way for a baby to acquire immunity is before and just after birth, and it is called passive immunity.
  • “IgG,” and they are the only antibody type that passes through the placenta to the growing fetus.
  • Human babies are born with all of the passive maternal IgG antibodies they will ever have, regardless of their feeding method.

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Jeremy Gollehon

Ctrl + v (SendInput ^v) is not working in many applications - Ask for Help - AutoHotkey Community

For some reason, when pasting, Send is more reliable than SendInput.

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  • I tried all combinations and all keyboard shortcuts for pasting (SendInput ^v, {vk56}, +{Ins}) and nothing worked. I tried variables and expressions with every combination and nothing worked. Then I tried Send ^v instead SendInput and it is working! And it works with variables and expressions too.

    If I remember correctly SendInput buffer keyboard. Maybe this is the problem.
Jeremy Gollehon
    • Other benefits to low-carb training


      Training on a high-fat, low-carb (HFLC) diet can give you several other advantages.

      • Fat and cholesterol support your testosterone levels, which leads you to burn more fat. Carbs – especially simple carbs – cause your testosterone to drop [3], making you store more fat.
Robert Sutor

The Far-Out Summit Where Geniuses Learn to Build Starships | WIRED

"Strictly, a spaceship convention this is not. But it is as close as you are going to find in 2016: a professional, intense, inclusive-but-nerdy meeting not of big-talk entrepreneurs but of real-talk rocket-builders. These are the people who will figure out how to get human beings out of the solar system, if anyone can."

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Jeremy Gollehon

Jesse Itzler: 6 Simple Steps to Becoming Self-made

“Everyday is a new day.” …unless you have a routine. Then it’s just “eat, sleep, shit, repeat,” like they say in Billions. “Don’t you want to create memories? Don’t you want to build your life resume and get as much out of life as you can?” Jesse It…

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