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Robert Sutor

Apple's Swift makes quick strides with developers | InfoWorld

"Not yet a year old, Apple's programming language is already earning plaudits for its feature set and ease of use"

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Robert Sutor

Some comments on the Hugos and other SF awards | The official home page of author Eric Flint

"First, on the Hugo and Nebula (and all other) awards given out in science fiction. Do they have problems? Yes, they all do. For a variety of reasons, the awards no longer have much connection to the Big Wide World of science fiction and fantasy readers. Thirty and forty years ago, they did. Today, they don’t."

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Robert Sutor

Microsoft shutters its standalone Open Tech open-source subsidiary | ZDNet

"Microsoft is shuttering its three-year old Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary, which the company originally created to "advance Microsoft's investment in openness including interoperability, open standards and open source.""

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Robert Sutor

Starting an iOS Tab Bar App with UITabBarViewController

"This tutorial will show you how to start an Xcode project to build an iPhone app with a tab bar along the bottom of the screen."

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Jeremy Gollehon
    • found a workaround that works great, so I thought I'd pass it along in case others find it helpful. I've tested this on Win 7 x64, Python 3.3.2, and PTVS 2.0 for VS 2010.
       Short version:
      1. Download
      2. Unzip and place contents in the site-packages directory
      3. Set PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable to "C:\Python33\Lib\site-packages\" (or the equivalent python install location on your machine)
       Long version:
       The win_unicode_console contains python code that replaces sys.stdin/out/err with new classes that use WriteConsoleW and ReadConsoleW along with UTF-16-LE encoding. This approach bypasses the current code page so there's no need for calls to 'chcp'. The critical  part (for PTVS debugging) is that the code also contains a modified REPL so that interactive debugging also uses the new classes. The 3-step process listed above is the most global approach, which will affect not only PTVS debug sessions, but also any python  script run from a command window (so you don't need to do "chcp 65001" before running python). You could also do this with virtual environments; just put the files in your env site-packages directory and set the PYTHONSTARTUP variable accordingly.  Alternatively, you could take a more localized approach by adding the win_unicode_console package to your local project and doing: import stream; stream.enable(), which fixes text in the PTVS debug output window (i.e. the command window that pops up) but doesn't  give you full interactive debugging in the "Python Debug Interactive" window. None of these approaches make any system changes; deleting the win_unicode_console files and removing the PYTHONSTARTUP variable sets everything back to the default setup.
       All credit goes to the python gurus at who tackled these gnarly Windows/Unicode issues (see here and  here for details).
Jeremy Gollehon
  • Then on commit/flush these 2 clash causing the integrity error.
  • if the primary key is known in merge/ORM get - if the matching primary key is found already loaded in the session, SQLAlchemy realizes that these 2 must be the same object.
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