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Jeremy Gollehon
  • The eventual goal of both these processes is rapid perception of quality in my own programming.
  • Standard SRS usage theory (as espoused by P. Wozniak) requires we review all the cards in our deck that become due on any particular day in order to commit knowledge to long-term memory with the greatest possible efficiency. I tried this for perhaps two years but I eventually found the review burden too intense. To combat this I limited the maximum number of reviews in my programming deck to 40 cards per day and modified the deck settings within Anki to increase the easy bonus (extra time between cards you mark as easy) and the interval modifier (time between reviews of any card).
  • Numbered Reading

     Whenever I read a printed programming textbook I place a number (1,2,3...) in the margin beside any point I wish to later commit to Anki, alongside a short reminder, e.g. "file system efficiency".

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • First, learn! 


       Flash cards are for remembering what you’ve learned.  

      Before you create a flash card for something, you need to actually learn and understand it.  Create the flash card after you’ve really understood. 

Jeremy Gollehon
  • The strains in Gutpro do not produce histamine and most of the strains in the probiotic do not produce large amounts of D-lactate
  • Gutpro is also free of any prebiotics
  • Gutpro will start to lose potency at temperatures greater than 95F

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • With no testing facilities that specialized in vitamin K2 it was hard to ascertain the exact amounts of vitamin K2 in various products. All of that changed when Vita K (based in the Netherlands), became the world premier lab for the testing of vitamin K levels in food.
  • Not all Emu oils are created equal


    After a great deal of research and testing Corganic has concluded that Emu oil sourced from Walkabout Health Products contains the most potent levels of vitamin K2 MK-4 of any food sourced anywhere in the world.

Jeremy Gollehon
  • there is a big difference between a whey protein supplement and a whey protein food. It is important to know that one is much higher quality than the other.
  • Why is Common Company wrong? They put enzymes into this powder. They have added protease, a protein digestive enzyme. Enzymes are, according to the FDA, dietary supplements.
  • If a product has a supplement facts panel it’s a dietary supplement by law and if it contains a nutrition facts panel it’s a food by FDA law.

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