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Mark Kabbbash

Public Craft Brewery winning awards. #HOPS

Corporate Profile
Appalachian Mountain Brewery, the Official Brewery of the Appalachian Mountains, not only makes seriously delicious craft beer, but focuses its business model on sustainability, community and philanthropy.

AMB won two Gold Medals and won the overall categories in the 2013 United States Open Beer Championship for its Honey Badger Blonde Ale and California Common. AMB competed against the biggest and best breweries from around the world where over 2,500 beers competed in 68 categories for aroma, appearance, mouth feel, flavor and overall impression. Appalachian Mountain Brewery, located at 3,333 feet elevation atop the Appalachian Mountain Range in Boone, NC, is certified by the NC GreenTravel Initiative, a program that recognizes state travel-related businesses that employ healthy environmental practices. AMB is within minutes of world-class destinations such as Grandfather Mountain, Tweetsie Railroad, Beech Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Appalachian Ski Resorts and the three-time National Football Champions Appalachian State University.

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Robert Sutor

Spoon University Raises $2M To Serve A Food Network To Millennials | TechCrunch

"A who’s-who of early stage investors are putting a $2 million bet that two young Northwestern grads can teach millennials a better way to eat with their new startup Spoon University."

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Robert Sutor

From privacy to productivity: A look at how virtual reality could change the way we work - TechRepublic

"In a general sense, incorporating virtual reality into business could mean things like escape from the physical confines of a desk, or the limit of how many monitors you could stick on that desk, or the general lack of aesthetics associated with cubicles, let's say. "

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Jeremy Gollehon
    • What, exactly, is product marketing?


      Product marketing encompasses a lot of important components, including:

      • Crafting positioning and messaging.
      • Analyzing the competitive landscape.
      • Building a go-to-market strategy.
      • Creating content to help the sales team close deals.
      • Educating the company on all of the above.
Jeremy Gollehon
  • There are two types of people in this world: killers and the killed.


    You can move yourself from the killed bucket to the killers bucket by ‘doing the work,’ but in my experience only 10% of the people in the world ever make it from deer to tiger.

  • Hustle early and often is the best life strategy.
  • 6/Never get involved in politics & never be negative.

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Robert Sutor

For chefs and foodies, big data could be the new secret ingredient | ZDNet

"Tech giants like IBM followed by a handful of budding startups are tapping into machine learning to rethink the delivery of food from the growers to chefs to the delivery professionals themselves."

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