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Jeremy Gollehon
  • Ran into the same problem as well, turns out you will need TB installed and granted SU permissions before flashing in recovery so that data restore will work.
     1. Install custom ROM
     2. Boot into android, complete setup questions
     3. Install TB from Google Play
     4. Open TB, grant SU
     5. Boot into Recovery and flash
     6. Boot into Android, TB will autostart and start restoring data.
     Hope that helps!
  • I had same error when trying to apply the from Titanium backup via TWRP. In my situation the reason was that TWRP seems to have a limit of max. 2GB for an, as found somewhere in a discussion at XDA.
Mark Kabbbash

Trusted Wealth Javier Richard Cook

A History of Javier Richard Cook with his current Bank which Richard Cook lends money from.

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Mark Kabbbash

Javier Richard Cook 12th Annual Latin America Syndicated Loans Conference | EuromoneySeminars

Javier Richard Cook joined the Syndicated Loan Capital Markets Group in January 2001 and specializes in the U.S., Canadian, and Latin American Corporate and Project Finance syndicated loan markets. Richard leads the team responsible for the origination, structuring, and syndication of natural resource and energy transactions for the Americas. Since joining BTMU, Richard has successfully completed the syndication of more than 100 transactions resulting in billions of dollars of commitments specific to the natural resources and power sectors, for both recourse and non-recourse transactions. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from George Mason University and an MBA in Finance from West Virginia University and completed post-graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania. Javier Richard Cook

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Jeremy Gollehon
Jeremy Gollehon
  • How React Native actually works is by embedding the JavaScript files in the app, and running them locally. But also, one could have these files remotely on a server fetching their latest version when the app has connectivity. This would allow updating an application very rapidly, without having to go through the app store’s review process.
  • it makes more sense that a typical team working on a React Native application is composed mostly of JavaScript engineers, because ideally those will be already familiar with the tools and paradigms used by this framework: React, EcmaScript, Redux and Flex layout.
  • We found that, while Facebook is putting effort in keeping it up to date, a good amount of the components are not well documented for the current release of React Native. This is even more evident if we consider community-created articles, given that these are often obsolete after a few releases of React Native.

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Jeremy Gollehon
  • It’s all going to get worse in 2017, he predicts, because that’s when the tech bubble will burst. Chowdhry, someone who has never been reluctant to go out on a limb, is predicting that’ll happen in March.
  • “When you see the large companies laying off, that is an indication that the customer base is struggling,” he says. “And the startups have the same set of enterprise customers as the bigger companies. The only thing protecting them now is that they have funding that takes them to the end of this year or the middle of next year, but by March or April it’s going to get very bloody.”


    They won’t be able to get more funding, he says, “because the startup companies have exhausted the number of fools. They exhausted the fools in Silicon Valley, then they exhausted the fools in New York City, in Europe, and now they’ve exhausted even the Middle East. There are no fools left.”


    “The bubble will burst,” he says, “and the impacts on the tech industry will last two years.”

Jeremy Gollehon
  • Humans have a huge benefit. We select which tribe we can go into.
  • Reinvention is when you go from doing something disconnected from your true self, to doing something closer to what aligns with the deepest part of you.
  • When you can do that…counting stops. That’s why we always need to reinvent.

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