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Vincent Tsao's List: diigo v3 review

    • Despite my best efforts, my bookmarks had gotten out of control. Something had to be done.



      That’s when I came across my new favorite tool. It’s called Diigo, and I use it every day. Diigo allows you to highlight and save blog articles. Pre-Diigo, I would bookmark an article, and when I wanted to reference it, I would have to read the entire article again to get to the part I wanted. Now I highlight and bookmark the article, and when I want to access that information, I go straight to what I need. Diigo even allows you to put sticky notes directly onto blog posts and articles. You can add your own comments so that you know why the heck you saved and highlighted the article in the first place. The highlight and annotate options are particularly helpful if you do research prior to writing articles.

    • You can even highlight a portion of an article, click “send,” and email just that snippet to a colleague or friend. The emailed snippet contains a link so that the recipient can access the original source if they want more information after reading the blurb. You can also add your own comments when emailing snippets.
    • Last week I asked if anyone knew of some code that would allow me to directly use WordPress to digest the daily links I collect rather than use as the middleman. Though it is certainly technically possible, there doesn’t seem to be a ready made solution. Sam Hiser suggested that I check out Diigo. I like it so much that I deleted my account.
    • 标题中提到的三个网站,其中最重要的是diigo,因为它是唯一将delicous的共享书签推进到社会性注释的网站, 前者让用户养成了分享的习惯,后者让人们自由的发表意见,给你所见的一切网页添加任意多的注释,摘要,感想等等,这是一个决定性的飞跃
    • diigo表面看主流的应用是用于资料的搜集,研究,汇总,但它最本质的创新是使得人们可以自由的针对所见的任何网页上任何一个地方的文字发表意见

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    • 在我的印象中,Diigo V3像是一瞬间出现在每个人的视线里,很多人莫名,一个网摘为何可以只用一次升级在2.0界大红大紫,最让人不解的是,对于网摘这种“迁移成本”极高的应用模式,也可以在极短的时间内国内外同类产品曾经积累数年的大批忠实用户主动“投怀送抱”。
    • diigo的本次升级将自身的定位从以“高亮”为主推功能的社会化书签网站,转变成“个人的知识管理库”以及“团队信息写作共享平台”,一切功能设计都将 围绕这两点展开。

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    • Picking up where fell down is Diigo.  They have received a little buzz recently for their V3 beta release.  It is a very impressive application.  To call Diigo a social bookmarking site would be to limit it to a box that it has grown beyond.
    • Diigo goes beyond all of that.  You can comment on links, thus enabling conversation.  This is sorely missing from and it is weakly implemented in Mag.nolia.  You can schedule a link post to your blog or simply post a link directly.

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    • “Does the innovation actually do anything for us?” I think I have tested and reviewed over 300 startups in the last couple of years, and I can honestly say that most of this innovation has been directed at entertainment or rather useless “cuteness”. Diigo as a tool, could be viewed as a much more serious innovation by comparison.
    • Diigo

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    • Diigo是我现用的书签站,它的内容摘抄保存是我最喜欢的功能
      • 这也是diigo 的key feature: "Highlight and Share the Web!"

      Add Sticky Note
    • 反正觉得Diigo的江湖地位与其能力不太相称

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    • This launch includes a completely new UI and code base, and over 100 new features. In addition to substantial improvements in its usability and power as a research tool, the new Diigo tightly integrates social networking with knowledge-sharing, making Diigo a pioneer in what may be called "social information networking.

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    • The highlight of the new version is recommendations. The new Diigo offers a number of social networking type features that in-and-of themselves aren't worth a lot to me, but if they can do some number crunching and recommend people and content that I may want to subscribe to - that's gold.
    • Diigo is explicitly pitting itself against Delicious by stating: “in the battle field of social bookmarking 2.0, we believe only delicious and Diigo are still strong players, with Diigo clearly the leader in terms of features and innovations…People who have seen both Diigo 3.0 and delicious 2.0 also think that we are far ahead of delicious 2.0.” Sounds like Diigo’s trying to play David to Yahoo’s Goliath.
    • One of the new features of Diigo 3.0 is collaborative research. Team members can bring together links they find across the Web for comments and annotation. There is tagging and sticky notes that the team can participate in to make the presentation stronger.
    • The other major update is the addition of more social components. If you install the Diigo toolbar, as you browse the Web, you can see what others think of the page including comments, who bookmarked the page and what other similar sites and pages they have bookmarked. It's all about discovery and Diigo has done a great job in this area.
    • This is a great and appropriate review of something that actually helps people! Diigo is actually much more than a bookmarking tool - it is a fantastic research tool and great for hooking up with people who are working on similar tasks.



    • I have found Diigo to be the best bookmarking tool on the web, hands-down
    • believe me, you have to give this new version a whirl, especially if you do any sort of collaborative work or if you blog or if you’re a researcher.

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    • Diigo v3 places more emphasis on the social aspect of social bookmarking through merging ideas from several different sites together. For example, it takes annotating from Clipmarks, bookmarking from and a facility which suggests websites you may like based on your annotations from StumbleUpon.
    • Diigo v3 has some unique features which I like. When you are on websites, you can view what other users have highlighted and annotated which is useful for group projects where collaboration is necessary. You can also join groups and communities and send private messages to other users. Another interesting feature is WebSlides which lets you view your bookmarks as a slideshow which is useful if you can’t always remember the name of the site but you can remember the way it looks!

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    • I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks and, for my purposes, it offers a few nifty improvements.
    • The new Diigo also offers spiffy social networking/recommendation functionality, but that’s not my bag, although it may be yours. Either way, there’s really no reason anyone should use the Yahoo’s stagnant service anymore. Diigo’s much prettier and it runs faster too! Go import your bookmarks today.
    • Después de instalar la barra de Diigo para FireFox se abre un mundo de posibilidades:
    • diigo[6]

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