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James Johnson's List: Apple iphone Research

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    • Just thought I would let you know I used the   photosynthesis simulation  in my classes today as discovery on how   light affects photosynthesis. It worked out very well.  The students   seemed to understand everything much better after the simulation
    • I love because it provides so many fun   games and activities that teach you a lot while you are having fun! You   can experience fun adventures from going into space to dissecting frogs.   It’s a great site for challenging your brain while having a fun time."        
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    • The six-year-old operating system is showing surprising strength more than half a year after the full launch of its successor. In April, Dell acknowledged continued XP demand and resumed offering XP as an option on new systems. In July, Microsoft chief
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    • Finally, in August, Microsoft announced an XP Service Pack 2c release that does nothing more than add new Windows XP product keys so the company can keep selling the OS to businesses through January 31, 2009.
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    • Emergency officials are on the scene of an incident/HazMat situation at the Science and Technology building at Georgia Tech. The incident took place on the second floor of the building. That building has been evacuated.
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    • standard American business card. Now, get a pair of scissors and trim the long side of the card by 20%. That’s all the space you need to hold over 1,000 songs, plus audio books, podcasts and photos if you buy Apple
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    • at means it can be carried easily in even the snuggest of clothing and the smallest of purses, and worn comfo

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    • TMobileFor those pioneers who’ve bravely subjected their iPhones to any of the various carrier unlocking processes, Apple’s got some news for you. And, it ain’t exactly good news. According to a statement the company released today, “many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed.”

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    • The grand jury brought two charges against Vick: one count of killing dogs and one of promoting dogfights. In a plea agreement on federal charges, the quarterback has admitted to bankrolling a dogfighting operation from his home in Surry County, Virginia.
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    • he company absorbed Cingular Wireless last year--a merger that created the nation's biggest wireless provider--AT&T has been making efforts to integrate the brands while eliminating consumers' confusion. AT&T has now adopted orange--Cingular's signature color--for mos
    • iPod 1,570 1,497 5 % 6,686 6,117 9 % Other music related products and services (e) 608 457 33 % 1,895 1,433 32 % iPhone and related products and . . .
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    • In March 2007, the  Company began shipping Apple TV and in June 2007 began shipping iPhone.  For Apple TV and iPhone, the Company  indicated it may provide future unspecified features and additional software  products free of charge to customers.  Accordingly,  Apple TV and iPhone handsets sales are accounted for under subscription  accounting in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public  Accountants Statement of Position (“SOP”) No. 97-2,   Software  Revenue Recognition   .  As such,  the Company defers the associated revenue and cost of goods sold at the time of  sale, and recognizes both on a straight-line basis over the currently estimated  24-month economic life of these products.   Costs incurred by the Company for engineering, sales, and marketing are  expensed as incurred.
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    • Potentially  dilutive securities representing approximately 12.0 million and 3.0 million  shares of common stock for the quarters ended June 30, 2007 and July 1, 2006,  respectively, and 13.2 million and 3.3 million shares of common stock for the  nine months ended June 30, 2007 and July 1, 2006, respectively,

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    • Despite all the developments in the native third-party space, let’s not let web apps fall by the wayside. Google sure isn’t: the folks in Mountain View have revamped several of their web services to be decidedly friendlier in Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch alike.


      If you’re constantly on the Gmail, you’ll want to check out the slimmed down version of Mobile Gmail. It drops a lot of the superfluous information you’ll see in the normal web interface, and it loads in a snap.

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    • , Apple has come up with a design that turns heads. Enter the iPod nano. But this was a relatively easy one for the designers, if not
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