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      • Just to give you an idea of the scale of this. Time magazine stopped the presses for the first time in 30 years.

      • I thought Apple would not change a bit whiteout him. I don't know now.
        He lives for Apple and Apple was the personification of the man himself. He took bold decisions that no others would take, his charisma is unmatched in CEOs land and Apple shares the same virtue.
        He wasn't just the front image for Apple. But even if he had been, what will it be like to have keynotes without a pinch of speculation as to whether he's gonna be there.
        Apple became a little less interesting.
        He was Apple.
        Today Apple became a little less interesting, a little more like a normal boring company. Today Apple became a little less Apple. It's a said day.

    • Apple said that it was "planning a celebration of Steve's extraordinary life"
    • AllThingsD reports that Simon & Schuster has bumped up the release of Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs to October 24th. The book had previously been scheduled to be released on November 21st.
      • This is gonna sell like crazy

    • pple fans and has seen a massive increase in demand since yesterday, registering as the #1 selling book at Amazon with a sales gain on the order of 40,000% over the past 24 hours.

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  • Event

    How hard must it have been for Tim, he must have known Steve's time was coming.

    Number and self-glorifying stuff

    • Hong Kong store sold more macs on opening than any other store
    • Macs growing 23% as PC grow 4%
    • 1 in 4 computers are Mac (in the US, well under 20% in UK) - incredible thought
    • iPhone growing much faster than general smartphone market
    • 250 Million iOS devices
    • 18 Billion apps downloaded (it's like 3 apps for every human being)

    Cards App
    • Really cool for holidays
    • will get reminder when card gets delivered
    • will work everywhere, but US will be £1.99, £2.99 everywhere else.

    Find my Friends

    • share location for a period of time.
    • parents can stop app from being switched off - that's good, but the kid could just turn the phone off.


    • iPod Classic was not mentioned in the iPod lineup - but it is still for sale
    • iPod nano
    ⁃ slide between apps with big icons
    ⁃ Nike stuff does not need accessories
    ⁃ 16 new clock faces (mickey mouse watch - as stupid as this sounds, I bet people will buy it just for that)
    ⁃ now available for £115, just slightly cheaper
    ⁃ old iPod nano gets the same stuff with software
    ⁃ ifixit - updated Apple processor and a switch from last year's Toshiba flash memory to modules supplied by SanDisk.
    • iPod Touch
    ⁃ white
    ⁃ up to 64Gb
    ⁃ now at £169
    ⁃ hmm…mot even a camera update

    iPhone 4S

    • A5 chip - up to 2x
    • dual core graphics with up to 7x
    ⁃ Ininity blade 2
    ⁃ they are boasting at the fact that some techniques used here were only recently implemented in high end games for consoles
    • battery is slightly better on calls but 1/3 less in stand by
    • HSDPA + which brings double the download speed (Orange started recently to upgrade. T-mobile, 3)
    • GSM/CDMA compatible
    • Camera
    ⁃ 8 megapixels (60% more than iPhone 4)
    ⁃ Hybrid IR filters
    ⁃ five elements lens (30% sharper)
    ⁃ 2.4 aperture - great depth of feel
    ⁃ ISP for autoexposure (depending on the set)
    ⁃ 26% better white balance
    ⁃ Camera is at least twice as fast as any other camera on a phone - that is important!
    ⁃ 1080p video at 30fps
    ⁃ image stabilisation
    • Siri (Beta software)
    ⁃ Siri tries to figure out what you mean.
    ⁃ works with maps, tasks, calendar, music, sms, email, contacts, alarms, friends, notes, phone, whether, stocks, web search
    ⁃ music is much better integrated
    ⁃ partnered with yelp - restaurants, etc
    ⁃ wikipedia
    ⁃ wolfram alpha - does not read back
    ⁃ you can teach it who you're wife is and the like
    ⁃ (show demo from 77:30)
    ⁃ Siri does dictation - with Nuance no doubt - this needs to go up to servers
    ⁃ English (US, UK and Australian), french and german
    • up to 64GB
    • starts at £499 unlocked, 3GS and 4 is still there (discuss prices)
    • What is missing?
    • Overhall, the crazy rumours hurt them a lot! this is gonna hurt potential new customers how are now looking at these new huge screens. Software wise it is brilliant. But the first reaction is hardware.

    • Set up a meeting about hiring tomorrow at 9am
    • Changing events

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    • available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK on Friday
    • Apple support representatives are telling customers that pre-orders will begin online at 12:01 a.m Pacific (7:01 a.m. GMT).

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      • This makes no sense what so ever. 30 pin connecters are more common in a household than micro USB cables.

        Will it come in a box?

    • Rather than alter the iPhone itself, Apple has instead begun offering a micro USB adapter that connects via the existing 30-pin dock connector.

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    • Spencer Webb, owner of AntennaSys, about the antenna history of the iPhone
    • With the Verizon/CDMA iPhone, Webb believes Apple's designers "moved the GPS and Wi-Fi antennas beneath the back glass and turned the top antenna into a second antenna for the cell phone." This brought spatial diversity to the iPhone. This design helps solve the Antennagate problem, because the phone can switch between the antennas depending on signal conditions.  
       "If you cover up an antenna, you're probably not covering up both antennas," Webb explains. "Spatial diversity on the receiving side is required for use with the Verizon network." 
      The Verizon iPhone had 'receive diversity' -- it used two antennas for receiving data, but may have only transmitted on the bottom antenna. With the iPhone 4S, Apple claims to have both 'send and receive diversity' for GSM and CDMA.
    • Engadget highlights the improved internal specs of the iPhone 4S, noting that everything "just feels zippier".

      We were able to spend a few quality moments with the refreshed iPhone 4 here at Apple's campus, the Sprint flavor no less, and as you might expect... it's an iPhone 4. But S-ier. Much in the same way that the 3GS improved the overall experience of the 3G, the 4S does likewise compared to the existing 4. The dual-core A5 chip is a laudatory improvement, and whisking about pages, loading the camera application and launching -- well, just about everything -- just feels zippier.

    • SlashGear was also impressed with Siri's performance.

      Apple’s new voice-control assistant, Siri makes promises that we’ve learnt to be wary about over the years, but after a brief test we’re surprisingly impressed. Easily activated, with a new microphone icon on the regular on-screen keyboard, Siri managed just what it did on-stage during the keynote. We could ask it local information, such as the weather or to find nearby stores, while online searching and complex questions for Wolfram Alpha were handled with little delay. Speed can be the killer for services like this – people just won’t wait if their phone takes 30 seconds to look up an answer – but Siri delivered in just seconds.

      • whatever happens, it will not go off the shelfs

    • "Samsung's preliminary injunction requests in France and Italy will each cite two patent infringements related to wireless telecommunications technology, specifically Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) standards for 3G mobile handsets," the company said.
       It continued: "Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and ride free on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation."
    • Back in 1987, Apple produced a concept video describing a product known as Knowledge Navigator.
    • Look at the date on the professor's calendar, it says September 16 and he's looking for a five-year-old article that was published in 2006. This September 16 date, which was chosen 23 years ago, is eerily close
      • why was it a failure? Probably poor marketing, momentum of iPod. Microsoft was too slow at bringing an iTunes competitor.

    • The confirmation came in an official post made by Microsoft on the Zune website. The note, first spotted by WinRumors, reveals that Microsoft will stop manufacturing Zune hardware, though users who own the devices will continue to receive support.

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      • Why would they want this now that they have built the fire on Android? well...patents, control (remember Android was not made open source in its last iteration). And they could get a bargain.

    • Friday's report noted that former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, who left his position as Apple's iPod chief in 2005, joined Amazon's board of directors in late 2010. It cited a "well-placed source" as indicating that HP is looking to shed its Palm division as soon as possible
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