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shadiahm 's List: Religion and spirituality

    • But for so many of us our longing to love and be loved has always been about a time to come, a space in the future when it will just happen, when our hungry hearts will finally be fed, when we will find love.
    • Significantly, Buddhism began to attract many more Western followers because it linked the struggle for world peace with the desire of each individual to be engaged in meaningful spiritual practice.

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    • The way I understand it is that we rob ourselves of being in the present by always thinking that the payoff will happen in the future
    • Anything that has us looking ahead is missing the point.

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    • It can be done but only with both sides acknowledging that the other won't change. For this to work, people are going to have to be able to talk about the stuff they disagree about and they're going to have to talk about it in heated ways. Which is one reason that I think the Hitchenses and the Sam Harrises have a real value. If we're going to somehow accommodate this divide in our country, we've got to make sure the conversation is out there and loud and even angry if it has to be.
    • Faith can be, and often is, an engine for positive social change. And it's why, on the question of faith-based initiatives, I'm ambivalent.

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    • the spirit of Christmas continues through the Feast Day of the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple on February 2. How marvelous and rich to celebrate the birth of the Son of God in all its many facets during the Christmas cycle!
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