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saasooo 's List: Cancer

    • Cancer is actually a group of many related diseases that all have to do with cells.
      • There are billions and trillion of cells in each person's body. Cancer is a group of related diseases that all have to do with cells. Cancer occurs when abnormal cells grow and spread very fast. Normal cells grow, divide and know when to stop growing, by time they also die. But cancer cells continue on growing and dividing out of control and they don't die. They usually group together to form tumors. These tumors grow and become a lump of cancer cells that can destroy the normal cells around it and damage the body's healthy tissues. Which can make you very sick. Metastasis is when cancer tumors travels to other areas of the body where they can form a new tumor. This is how cancer spreads.

    • Cancer is treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation - or sometimes a combination of these treatments.
      • Cancer in treated with surgery or sometimes a combination of surgery and some other treatments.
        Surgery is the oldest form of treating cancer. Every three out of five people with cancer will have an operation to remove the cancer. When the doctor is doing the surgery, he tries to take out all the cancer cells, but sometimes some healthy cells may be removed to make sure that all the cancer is gone.

    • Some kinds of cancer are caused by things people do.
      • People do stuff that causes cancer. For examples smoking can cause lungs, mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys, and several other cancers. It also causes heart diseases and stroke. Drinking lots of alcohol has also shown the same results. We also should know that not everyone who smokes or drinks get cancer but it increases the chance of you getting cancer. Radiation can also cause cancer, but the ones used by the doctors and dentists are safe. If you expose yourself to sunlight a lot without any protection there is a possibility for you to get skin cancer. But in many cases, the exact cause of cancer stays a mystery. Many scientists are studying how the cells cause cancer. They know that it can cause cancer to start but how it happens exactly, they still don't know.

    • Especially in the early stages of cancer, there may not be any obvious signs or symptoms that you are sick.
      • In the early stages of cancer, there is no obvious signs that lets you know that you are sick. There are some signs that might help you to know if you have cancer, coughing, weight loss, changes in your bowel habits, or slight fever that you can't shake, a sore that refuses to heal, or fatigue that just won't go away. Also if you find a strange lump or bump in your body or noticed a change in your usual toilet habits. Many people ignore these important signs easily.
        Having cancer does not mean that you are going to die. Never give up. its necessary for you to go and begin the treatment and regain your health.

    • Imagine you had a cancer.
        Not twenty thousand cells of cancer.
        Just about five cells.  

      And you knew about the cancer cells. Would you proceed to molly   coddle those cells? Ignore them, perhaps?

      • Imagine if you have only five cells of cancer, and you knew all about cancer cells. Would you try to get rid of them or prehaps ignore them? Well it would be very dangerous to ignore it becuase, as i said before, the cells will grow and become more than five cells, which means it will spread in your body and might cause to death.

    • What are the different types of surgery used in cancer treatment?
      • Some types of surgey are helpful for people with cancer. Most surgeries are a combination with other types of treatments. Here are some types of surgeries: curatibe surgery, preventive surgery, diagnostic surgery, staging surgery, debulking surgery, palliative surgery, supportive surgery, and restorative surgery.

    • Can other types of surgery help treat cancer?
      • Several surgeries are used during cancer treatment such as: cryosurgery, laser surgery, electrosurgery, microscopically controlled surgery.

    • Types of Cancer
      • There are many types of cancers, such as: bone cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, endocrine cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, gynencologic cancer, head and neck cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, skin cancer, soft tissue sarcoma.

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