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Susan Bearden's List: Apple_Configurator

    • Turns out I was able to finally get it to install but not before removing the app altogether and re-importing it first. 
    •   I also had to install separately from the actual profile, meaning I first deploy the profile then go back in and check off the app.  Still a work in progress I guess.  Thanks!
  • Mar 13, 12

    Apple Configurator Help Files

    • When a device is supervised, you’re granted ongoing control over its configuration, and you can reapply that configuration at any time just by reconnecting the device to Apple Configurator
    • An easy way to apply common settings to a large number of supervised devices is to use the backup and restore feature in Apple Configurator. You can manually set up one device the way you want it, back it up in Apple Configurator, and then restore that backup to your other devices.

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