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Llonard Yap's List: Road Construction

    • system of bench construction on hillslopes to produce road rights-of-wayand landings whereby convex slopes are excavated and concave slopes (gullies) are filled;also, excavation of the upslope side of the right-of-way, and fill on the down slope side.(so called half-bench construction).
    • Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook, 0023-2839-MTDC, Trail ...
    • Constructing Sidehill Trails
    • On steep slopes, full-bench construction is usually needed
    • cast aside as far as possible from the trail and not used at all in the fillslope

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    • superior
    • The short-term economic benefits from use of bulldozers in forest road construction in mountainous terrain are likely in the longer run to create environmental damage on a considerable scale as side slopes increase.
    • traditional road construction

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    • forest road construction
    • namely, planning and design, construction operation, and integration which comprises bioengineering as well as landscaping measures

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    • appropriate size and power configuration of construction equipment, adjusted to the actual needs of the construction technique applied and with respect to terrain conditions;


      · appropriate equipment with respect to technical and safety standards, as well as ergonomic principles and requirements;


      · only adequate trained, skilled and experienced machine operators should be employed for road construction in sensitive forest ecosystems and difficult terrain;


      · well planned road design followed by fitting the road to the natural terrain as closely as possible to facilitate road construction without major problems for operators and machines;


      · clear instruction to and close supervision of machine operators by the forest engineer responsible for road planning and construction.

    • The type of hydraulic hammers used are distinguished by a newly designed impact technique which guarantees high impact energy with low back thrust.
    • vertical as well as horizontal drilling

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