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    • being in the moment.
    • The whole time I'm escalating Kino.

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    • it is just as important to have the men of a social scene to respect you as it is to have the girls attracted to you.
    • keep it real

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    • SHOCK and AWE is not high risk. It sounds like it is, but it's really not - and I'll explain why in a moment. 

      It's not even advanced. I'd call it intermediate. If you can open, and you can get attraction, and you can chill out and chat with a chick and not get weird - you can do this. 

    • If you're having problems stringing a sentence together, if your body language sucks, if you have shit VOICE PROJECTION (this, as Jeffy points out, is crucial to all game) - this will not work.

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    • Here is the essence of it: Profess your undying affection and devotion to the girl - and then NEXT her.
    • When to use this? When you have seen her several times, you have had great rapport, but now it feels like she is starting to flake.

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    • Contrary to popular opinion, women do like nice guys. What they don't like is  guys who let women walk all over them.
    • Study and practice David Shade's eye contact experiments.
      • When you lock eye contact with a woman, do not smile or say "Hi" until she does. If she smiles, you smile. If she says "Hi," you say "Hi." Do not say "Hello." If you smile or say "Hi" first, you may lose her.

      • The only time you do not look a woman in the eyes is when you are "motioning away" as you mention something "bad", such as her borefriend. Anything "bad" is associated with "looking away."

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    • Go out and do Svengali's newbie mission.
      • As you're doing so, say "hi" and give a smile to every woman who passes you by, and who is next to you, and who is in front of you, or whatever. The smile doesn't have to be this big cheesy grin, but whatever is your normal, comfortable way of smiling. {Any kind of smile shows you're not depressed, nor someone to be afraid of.}

      • Tomorrow, or Saturday, or Sunday, groom and dress yourself real nice. I'm not asking anyone to put on any suits, or ties, or jackets (unless that is your comfortable style), but rather dress in your own comfortable, natural way, wearing clean and at least reasonably pressed clothes. Then drive to the nearest shopping mall/center and walk around looking and damn near everything.

    • It's scary, dude, I know. And it's not scary to approach a woman or be direct - it's scary to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE.
       The thing is, as long as you don't compliment a chick, you can pull a chick without ever exposing yourself to ridicule.
       You say you've never complimented a chick?
       Dude, it is a fucking myth that complimenting loses you power.
       Complimenting BADLY is what loses you power.
       This is how to compliment WELL. That GAINS power for you, and her. Win-win.
       You say you've never complimented a chick?
       Perhaps it's time you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a leap of faith.
    • We tell her she's so fucking incredibly steaming hot that you can barely hold ourselfs back, imagine a fucking LION holding himself back from fucking one of his ladies. Your the fucking lion restraining yourself, the urges are almost to much but you really try to be nice and polite. Oh the sexy ass, the HOT boobs. Feel free to stare and then suddenly snap out of it, its her own fault for being so freaking sexy.

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