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Peng Zhao's List: Application

  • Selecting programs

    pros and cons of different schools, programs and labs

    • Debra Stewart, president of the Council of Graduate Schools in Washington DC, says that there is typically a year-long lag between the start of a recession and the application peak. She thinks that applications could continue to rise over the next year as students apply for graduate study in 2010.
    • Berkeley, told Nature that its applications for doctoral programmes in those fields climbed by almost 7% from last year

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    • The economic stimulus package currently working its way through Congress is likely to inject billions of dollars into the budgets of the scientific agencies, which will no doubt be welcome to researchers (see Nature 457, 364–365; 2009). But without careful planning and sustained follow-up funding, that sudden infusion of money could end up worsening the career crisis rather then easing it. Indeed, it could readily become a replay of what happened after the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) was doubled between 1998 and 2003, when the extra money drew in new scientists who then foundered when the budget virtually flat-lined in subsequent years.
    • The career crisis is especially stark in the biomedical fields, where the number of tenure-track and tenured positions has not increased in the past two decades even as universities have nearly doubled their production of biomedical doctorates.

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    • Tips


      The best I/O Journals in my humble opinion are the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Personnel Psychology, Work & Stress, and Organizational Research Methods.


      A strong background in research methods and statistics is essential for sound I/O skills, whether you plan to be a practitioner, a consultant, or pursue academia.  


      Most of the real skill in I/O is built through doing I/O.  I never really knew about job analysis until I had completed a few job analyses.


      Because I/O was built upon personality, cognitive, behavioral, social, and experimental psychology, a better understanding of the building blocks will result in a better understanding of I/O.  


      Fruitful areas of research in I/O include the role of personality and emotions in the workplace, the power and leadership process in organizations, computer modeling of organizational processes, globalization issues, and examining organizations from a cross-cultural perspective.

      • I may be required to take several I/O courses!

  • Mar 14, 09

    Joint program by Watson School of Biological Sciences and CSHL

    • The current annual stipend for doctoral students studying  at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is $29,500 per year (and is reviewed annually).
      • However, biology oriented...

    • 尤其是查找某个作者发表了哪些SCI收录的论文及被引用了多少次的方法。具体的来说,进入SCI数据库(WOS, 这是它的主页网址: 在主页正中可以看到一个“author finder”,单击,进入作者查找页面,网址为,然后在第一个方框里面输入作者的姓(中国人为汉语拼音),例如检索王晓东的,则姓为:wang 第二个方框输入名的首字母X,第三个方框输入D,如果是单名就不需要输入第三个方框了。然后点击next,确认作者姓名的缩写,next,选择研究的领域,我们一般选择“LIFE SCIENCES & BIOMEDICINE”,next,选择作者单位,完成即可。
    • 右侧的说明可以看到总被引频次,h指数等统计指标。此外,由于有些人通过大量不适当的自引来提高指标,可以通过点击右侧的去除自引看他引次数有多少。

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    • "A good number [of endowments] are seeing about a 30% decline since last year."
    • Harvard University announced in December that its endowment, the world's largest and worth $36.9 billion at mid-year, had dropped 22% from that amount by the end of November — with worse expected to come. As of mid-December, the world's second-largest endowment, that of Yale University, had fallen 25% since mid-year, when it stood at $22.9 billion.

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    • The same technologies that allow scholars to probe the structures and functions of the human brain are also causing profound alterations in the structures and functions of psychology departments. Curricula, hiring patterns, budgets, and tenure-and-promotion expectations are all shifting rapidly.
    • Curricula, hiring patterns, budgets, and tenure-and-promotion expectations are all shifting rapidly.

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    • Perhaps when women’s verbal skills (spec writing, investigation/interviewing, ‘language’ programming), organizational skills (network administration, policy management, user management), nurturing skills (patching, testing, perfecting…), and proficiency at documenting procedures…er… writing algorithms…are recognized as valuable to a CS program, then a better balance might be achieved.
      • How critical these commenter's minds are!
        They are used to challenge the author!
        Get used to it!
        Valuable habit!

    • The skills of women have nothing to do with the lack of enrollment in the program. It isn’t that women aren’t being accepted, it’s that women aren’t interested

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    • About 2/3 or more of the international students in Australia are simply doing an immigration scam and contribute little or nothing to academic life. They are concentrated in a few courses such as accounting, commerce and IT.
    • Often their English is no better when they graduate than when they started.

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    • Churchland is the author of Neurophilosophy and Brain?. She is currently on the faculty of the University of California at San Diego and she was a featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in 2008
    • We also talk about the evolving relationship between philosophy and neuroscience.
  • Mar 11, 09

    BGSU's I/O psych program is highly ranked. (top 10 in 2009 US News)\nhigh importance of nonobjective criteria: research, work experience, rl

    • Although we have no minimum score requirements, median GRE scores of current students are in the 70th-80th percentile range.  Median GPA is 3.70.
    • Importance of nonobjective criteria: previous research activity, high; work experience, high; extracurricular activity, medium; clinically related public service, low; letters of recommendation, high
    • has now advised us that we should be planning for a 30% decrease in the value of the endowment on June 30, 2009, the end of our fiscal year, rather than the 25% we have been using in our budget projections for next year.
      • 2009-06-30 to 2010-06-30 is another FY(fiscal year)

    • emphasizing that it will take multiple years to restore a decline of 25% in endowment value. With the prospect of a 30% decline in value by June 30, 2009, followed by the likelihood that next year will see no rebound in earnings, we must begin detailed planning for that multi-year budget reduction process now

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    • $25,000, up to the modular limit of $250,000
    • for 1 - 5 budget periods, each normally 12 months in duration.
    • This school is actually one of the best schools when it comes to experimental psychology programs. UCSD is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation that is known for its mild, warm weather and has an amazing city transit system.
    • This school is located in Berkley, which is around forty-five minutes from San Francisco, an area where housing can sometimes be very expensive. You may consider on-campus housing as a cheaper alternative to renting in the city. The city bus and trolley system in San Francisco is state of the art and can save you a lot of gas money if you don’t live right near the school

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    • The program in Cognitive Psychology is concerned with basic research in perception, human learning and memory, consciousness,
    • as well as with applications of this basic research to everyday settings.

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    • The goal of the I/O program is to continue to enhance its national reputation as a center of scholarly excellence in I/O psychology by conducting high-quality basic and applied research.
      • the gaol is to enhance RESEARCH reputation

    • The program has a major emphasis on academic research-based training with the objective of placing students in academic careers
      • student training focuses on ACADEMIC

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