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Max Forte's List: AJP--Indigenous Resistance

    • 23 November 2011
    • First Nations Under Surveillance in Canada 

       In our continuing coverage of reports of surveillance and domestic forms of counterinsurgency in Canada, we present this material, first aired on the CBC's radio program, The Current, from Thursday, 17 November, 2011.

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    • 03 July 2010
    • Counterinsurgency: From Afghanistan to First Nations Resistance in Canada

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  • Jun 14, 11

    We have previously posted on Canadian counterinsurgency with an article by Jon Elmer--see: "Counterinsurgency: From Afghanistan to First Nations Resistance in Canada." Now we want to feature extracts from the controversial 2005 draft Counterinsurgency Operations manual (leaked in 2007) and the final 2008 version, both produced by the Department of National Defence (and available below). We will also underline some key points of public discussion that have transpired, which we think help us to understand the significance of these documents, and add some further analytical considerations of our own.

    • 13 June 2011
    • Domestic Counterinsurgency in Canada 

      By Walter Pels via Marion Doss from Scranton, Kansas, USA (080727-N-1974P-046) [Public domain or CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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    • 24 September 2010
    • The State, Anthropology, and the Recolonization of Australia's Aboriginals

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    • 17 May 2010
    • Ostwelve: Aboriginal Hip Hop Against War

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    • 04 July 2011
    • A Dangerous Place to be a Human Being

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    • 11 June 2011
    • Spying on Indigenous Groups, Defending Mining Companies: The U.S. and Peru, What Wikileaks Tells Us

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    • 08 June 2011
    • First Nations Under Surveillance: Harper Government Prepares for First Nations “Unrest" 

      Quebec riot police advance on Barriere Lake community members after a peaceful blockade in October, 2008 in north-western Quebec.

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    • 19 April 2011
    • Paths Out of Empire: Anthropologies of Resistance and Prefiguration -- AJP Symposium at CASCA 2011 in Fredericton

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    • 19 October 2011
    • Militarization, Decolonization, and Indigenous Sovereignty

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    • 30 June 2011
    • Border Militarization Destroys Indigenous Communities

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      29 June 2011

    • For the Sake of Mining Interests and "Security": Canadian and U.S. Surveillance and Suppression of Indigenous Communities in the Americas, as Revealed by Wikileaks

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    • 06 July 2010
    • Indigenous Resistance is Growing in Canada 

      First Nations protest on Yonge Street, Toronto, in advance of the recent G20 summit. 24 June 2010. Photo on Wikimedia Commons, provided with a Creative Commons License.

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