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Ole C Brudvik's List: Education 2.0

    • Make your Classroom a Community
    • Edmodo is transforming the way that teachers and students connect, engage and learn both inside and outside the classroom. Check out our Edmodo In Action videos for examples of how its being used.
    • point is everyone can create and sort the content, not just "webmasters"  the internet is an extension of our minds, we can’t leave it to corporations to create and organize the content for obvious reasons…  all corporations have their vested interests and see the public as consumers, they’d rather you buy something from them, doesn’t matter if its the best or in your best interest or good for your health, etc.  the web 2.0 movement has been mostly a public movement
    • the best content on the internet will be on public social web 2.0 sites like it is now, it will get organized by the public, then on the other hand you’ll have private companies trying to copyright and charge money for information that should be in the publics’ hands…

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