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noorhanalhakim 's List: PIANO LESSONS AND MUSIC SHEETS

      • Always wanted to learn how to play the piano and read music sheets but you cant afford a teacher or dunt have enough time . Well here you will learn all about the piano from a-z. Lets get started!!

      • If you still want more lessons here is more lessons which will help you to understand and learn the piano more. Even here you will have a free teacher online who you can send questions to.

    • Beginning Piano Lessons

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    • Free online piano lessons for beginner piano players
      • Want to know how to read piano chords and play them easily? well here you will find all of the piano chords and more lessons. This website will also help you learn and remember the piano chords more easily.

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      • These are some music notations which you can print and keep them so you can return to them whenever you need to remember some of the music notes. Or maybe you would like to hand it out to some of your friends to help them read music .


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    • A suspended >  4th chord is formed by combining the 1st, 4th, and 5th tones (notes) of a major scale. >

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    • If a b (flat) symbol follows a tone (note) this means the note is lowered one half step.
    • The # (sharp)  symbol following a tone (note) means you raise that tone (note) one half step. So a C  followed by a # (C#) means you have raised the C note one half step to the Black tone (note)  C#

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    • Lesson 3...scale tone chords
    • The first chord will always be major, the second chord will always be minor, the third chord will always be minor, the fourth chord will always be major, the fifth chord will always be major, the sixth chord will always be minor and the seventh chord will always be diminished.

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      • Most people hate reading and favor to learn by visual lessons . So this is a video lesson about piano scales which will make you learn beeter and faster . Here it is enjoy !!

      • If you dont know how to read the music or feel its hard to read them then here you will find another type of music note which is called tab . Tab is much easier to read but it might not tell you everything about the tempo. Also here you will find tools which will help you to convert these tabs to music sheets or convert guitar tabs to piano tabs .

    • Convert Tabs to Sheet Music

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      • This is one of my favorite songs and actually of most people would love to play it, so this is a video which will help you to look on how to play it without reading the music sheet

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