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Mjbrewer8's List: Internet Collaboration

  • Feb 16, 13

    Internet Collaboration allows peoples from all over the world to put their minds together in order to bring verifiable information to the front. This allows various opinions to be seen as well as verified by all persons involved in the joint effort.

      • When facts can be verified, they are trustworthy, rather than simply seeking ones opinion as there are references to back up the information deeming quality.

    • lent psychological strength to the field researcher and added to research quality, timeliness, and trustworthiness
  • Feb 16, 13

    Due to collaboration on the internet, a variety of sources can be verified, and pertinent information passed on.

      • Internet Collaboration can save lives over great distances by sources staying interconnected concerning Islamic groups.

    • “We left it all up to the military chiefs,” he said. “Myself, I was only informed a half-hour afterwards.”

       His assertion squares with the widely held view of Algerian analysts that the military, and in particular a cadre of elderly generals, holds a wide degree of autonomy in the country and often acts independently of civilian leadership.

       The official said that Algeria could expect more terrorist attacks, despite having delivered sharp blows to militants over a period covering nearly 15 years.

       “We’re waiting for more,” he said. “We are not out of the woods yet.”

  • Feb 16, 13

    When too much information is collaborated upon, the verification process takes a substantial amount of time. Lack of time creates inconsistencies, fragments and mistrustful info.

      • This article submits that globalization creates fragmented information, which is often untrustworthy and takes more time to sort through.

    • World Economic Forum's Global Risks 2012 report warns, "The potentially potent combination of chronic labor market imbalances, chronic fiscal imbalances and severe disparity… lead to a retrenchment from globalization" and the world becomes "more fragmented, inconsistent and mistrustful."[i]
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