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Mary Bernklau's List: Digital Native

    • A digital native can be defined as a person who was born after the introduction of digital technology. Digital Natives use online services like Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, and Twitter on various digital technologies, such as smart phones or a tablet device. Digital Natives have blended their online life with their offline life.
    • Researchers use the term digital immigrant to classify people born before the introduction of digital technology. For Digital Immigrants, the popular technology for them was radio, television, newspapers, books, and magazines. Digital Immigrants are adapting to the digital technology introduced during their life time. Ironically, some Digital Immigrants created the digital technology used by Digital Natives.


      Different Types of Digital Immigrants


      If you are a Digital Immigrant, it does not mean you are automatically technically inept. You can actually be very technically astute.

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    • "Digital native" is a term for people born in the digital era, i.e., Generation X and younger. This group is also referred to as the "iGeneration" or is described as having been born with "digital DNA." In contrast, the term "digital immigrant" refers to those born before about 1964 and who grew up in a pre-computer world. The terms "digital immigrants" and "digital natives" were popularized and elaborated upon by Dr. Mark Prensky (2001) and critiqued for their validity and usefulness by Harding (2010) among others. In the most general terms, digital natives speak and breathe the language of computers and the culture of the web into which they were born, while digital immigrants will never deal with technology as naturally as those who grew up with it.
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