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Malachi Smith's List: BRITAIN/UK

    • We need international regulation to protect global economy, Brown tells world leaders
    • Gordon Brown uses New York meeting to promote his plan for installing international regulator to survey world markets

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    • The Tyranny Of The Law
    • The Euro Gendarmerie and
        the European Arrest Warrant

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    • Financial crisis: Stock market suffers its worst fall in history
    • The UK stock market has suffered its worst one-day fall in history as the banking crisis intensified.

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    • PART FIVE -- On The Road To Roswell 2007: A Discussion With Nick Pope
    • May 27,  2007

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    • Revealed: How the Government studied the paranormal for use in war on terror
    • Oct 6 2008      By Annie Brown

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    • Horsham teenager's poltergeist fears

    • Published Date:   07 October 2008

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    • The Gunpowder Plot: The 5 Conspirators

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    • Massive Cyber Attacks on U.S. & British Military Communications
    • What ya gonna do when the sats and computers go down? A primer in communications -urgent return to the past for communications back up.

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    • Beast Of Bodmin Moor
    • Location of Sightings:
        Bodmin Moor - Cornwall (SW England - UK) 

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  • Oct 23, 09

    Griffith, like so many Europeans of his kind, is forever looking over his shoulder at the halcyon days of feudalism.

    • Goldman Exec: Inequality Is The Path To Prosperity (GS)
    • Joe Weisenthal|Oct. 20, 2009,

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    • Intel chief warns against new death investigation
    • Suggests details could damage relationship to CIA, other foreign services

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