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  • 1998 Clinton's WMD and "Iraqi Liberation Act" 1998 (12)

    America's congress passed the "Iraq Liberation Act" in 1998 under President Clinton's watch. So get with it...and stop blaming BUSH for the ills that Sadam had.

    Created: Jun 02, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • 2nd Amendment (3)

    Americans need to always exercise their rights so that they do not atrophy from non use. Open carry of weapons could alert the general public that weapons are not is the person behind the weapon as with cars that is the danger. A dangerous person with a weapon cannot be stopped fr...

    Created: Aug 19, 09 Modified: Feb 27, 15


    Created: Jan 27, 13 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • 911-- END of CONSPIRACY STORIES (44)

    Without demolition exploding sounds there cannot be an 'INSIDE JOB' conspiracy as a SkypeCast that provided these links states.

    Created: Feb 18, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Afghanistan -- Pakistan (21)

    This listing will track 'improvements' made in Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Created: Mar 02, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • America Economy; Taxes, Federal Reserve, Currency, Financial (27)

    just all sorts of financial information can be viewed here

    Created: Apr 23, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • America's Government Data (23)

    This link provides ALL published data produced by America's government. Oil import , exports data are presented in detail here and is shown as data matrices.

    Created: Feb 18, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15


    America is the BEST of ALL the WORST governments in the world, and there's adequate data to make this observation valid.

    Created: May 21, 10 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Beat the Goverment Bad Stuff (7)

    Created: Jan 12, 10 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Book and Independent NEWS Rerporting Reading List (11)

    There are many books being written now that provide more accurate information of past world events. The newer books are enhanced and have more accurate data in them that is attributable to the advances in technology; specifically the PC.

    Created: Mar 12, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Comical and Funny Stuff occuring in Iraq etc. (2)

    Humor is good for the spirit and here is where humorous incidents are stored.

    Created: Apr 14, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Constitutions/ Various Nations (25)

    This list contains constitutions from various countries.

    Created: Feb 18, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15


    Created: Dec 26, 09 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Energy Resources (15)

    Follow America's pursuit of independence from purchasing foreign oil.

    Created: Jun 26, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Environment Climate (17)

    Here is information on how Gore has "deliberately" deceived the world and then attempts to be ignorant of his "deliberate" deceit stated in his public issued materials.

    Created: Mar 15, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15


    Created: Mar 01, 13 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Free Software (14)

    Free software can be obtained here

    Created: Mar 08, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15


    Review the reasons for America being a GREAT COUNTRY so that you can know who lies to you about America's activities in the Global community.

    Created: Oct 27, 10 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Global Opinions/Data (8)

    Opinions vary all over the globe about how great various health, economies, standard of livings equate with each other. This data helps one understand global attitudes and opinions on countries around the world.

    Created: Feb 20, 08 Modified: Feb 27, 15

  • Health Care Facts (3)

    View the plethora of insanity that has occurred over health care in the wold's views. It is sickening to hear the 'insane' solutions to health care cost.

    Created: Dec 19, 12 Modified: Feb 27, 15

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