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Clay Leben

Clay Leben's Public Lists

  • All Joomla bookmarks (5)

    My bookmarks for all things Joomla, i.e., themes, extensions, tutorials, blogs about joomla.

    Created: May 03, 09 Modified: Sep 18, 16

  • All Links Wordpress (266)

    I see that there are already many Diigo lists about Wordpress, especially themes and plugins. I'm just starting my first Wordpress site. I may focus more on advice, demos, tutorials, and site setup and management links.

    Created: Mar 05, 09 Modified: Aug 05, 19

  • Collaboration tools & services (420)

    New software tools and services that I have found to promote team collaboration and communication.

    Created: Apr 24, 08 Modified: Jul 20, 20

  • Conference Presentations (94)

    A list of education conferences that have posted online materials from presentations including podcasts, videos, and slides.

    Created: Apr 13, 08 Modified: Apr 13, 16

  • Fleet69 Sailing (45)

    Websites members found helpful to their sailing with Catalina sailboats.

    Created: Jul 09, 09 Modified: Dec 11, 14

  • Free Learning Content Resources (456)

    My list of learning web sites and directories of such sites.

    Created: Feb 26, 09 Modified: Aug 10, 20

  • Green Living - Solar, Save Electricity (39)

    Resources on renewable and ecological power for homes.

    Created: Jul 12, 10 Modified: Mar 13, 15

  • Instructional Design (291)

    The theory and practice for the design of learning experiences. The cognitive, psychological, and social processes of learning and memory. Tools and resources for authoring online materials.

    Created: Apr 09, 08 Modified: May 09, 19

  • Learning Drupal (24)

    A beginner's search for learning Drupal web site construction with online resources. Tutorials and screencasts and ebooks.

    Created: Nov 20, 08 Modified: Dec 11, 14

  • LMS -Learning Management System (101)

    Software to create and manage courses, registration, and lessons.

    Created: May 26, 11 Modified: May 27, 20

  • Neighborhood Communication Tools (506)

    A list of resources to show neighborhood leaders how to take advantage of web2.0 and social media for outreach and recruitment. Tools to publicize events and registration, generate ideas, coordinate projects, facilitate feedback and evaluation, and distribute news stories.

    Created: Sep 24, 09 Modified: Jul 05, 20

  • Photography, Better and Better (29)

    A list of resources about Photography, making photos and improving skills and appreciation of photography.

    Created: Jun 17, 14 Modified: Jun 12, 20

  • Resources for photo storytelling (437)

    A survey of found resources. By adding panning moves, transitions, text, music, or narration, these software tools and online services enhance photo storytelling. The slide show camp fire revolution!

    Created: May 03, 08 Modified: Mar 13, 20

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