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Kevin Oliver's List: Educational Technology Journals

  • Metrics and Other Lists

  • Mar 16, 13

    Google Scholar metrics on Ed Tech journals to help see how some of them stack up against one another.

  • Oct 18, 05

    Link that lists several journals related to instructional technology.

  • General All-Purpose Educational Technology Journals

  • May 02, 12

    Format: Online (Open Access)
    Organizations/ Publisher: Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education
    Contents/ Topics: Educational technology; Information and communications technologies for education; Online and e-learning; Educational design; Multimedia; Computer assisted learning
    Page Limit: 5,000 to 8,000 Words

  • Apr 17, 07

    Format: Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; British Educational Research Association (BERA)
    Content/ Topics:
    " The design and production of learning materials;
    * The use of information and communication technologies in education and training;
    * The psychology of communication;
    * Curriculum development and course design;
    * Evaluation and monitoring;
    * Priorities in resources, planning and organisation;
    * The storage, retrieval and dissemination of learning resources and information;
    * The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of print, electronic and optical media used for learning;
    * Delivery systems for open and distance learning;
    * Support for self study and for learners at a distance;
    * Assessment, notably assessment on demand and of learning from experience;
    * Problems and potential of new technologies in education and training;
    * Educational research and dissemination."
    Page Limit: 4,000 Words

  • Jul 13, 06

    Direct Link to Journal:
    Format: Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: The Computers in Education Division (CoED) of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education
    Content/ Topics: Improving the quality of instruction in engineering, mathematics, and science through the use of computers.
    Page Limit: Unknown

  • Apr 10, 08

    Format: Print and Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Unknown
    Content/ Topics: Curriculum Studies; Education; Technology in Education
    Page Limit: Unknown

  • Jun 09, 10

    Format: Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Unknown
    Content/ Topics: "..theory, research, and development in the field of educational technology..." including book reviews, interviews, comments, and research abstracts
    Page Limit: 8,000 Words (5,000 Words or Less Preferred)

  • May 19, 08

    Format: Print and Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: International Council of Educational Media
    Content/ Topics: "information and ideas on new developments in educational media"
    Page Limit: 4,000 to 6,000 Words

  • Apr 10, 08

    Format: Print
    Organizations/ Publisher: Unknown
    Content/ Topics: All topics related to instructional Technology. Note: The publication asks that contributors not submit research reports as the publication is in magazine format and features writing "on the informal side--an essay."
    Page Limit: 3,000

  • Jan 06, 14

    Education Research International is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of education. Education Research International page

  • Jan 27, 10

    Format: Online (Open Access)
    Organizations/ Publisher: University of Illinois
    Content/ Topics: Various Topics
    Page Limit: Unknown

  • Apr 21, 10

    **Direct Link to Journal:**
    Format: Online (Open Access)
    Organizations/ Publisher:
    Content/ Topics: All areas of educational psychology scholarship and practice including assessments, the psychology of instruction, applications of research and theory, human development issues, best practices, advances in instructional design, etc.
    Page Limit: Unknown

  • May 02, 12

    Format: Print and Online
    Organizations: Publisher: Taylor & Francis
    Content/ Topics: Changing national information infrastructures and the politics behind those changes; Mobile communication; Social implications for new media; Implications of increased electronic commerce and electronic data interchange; Outsourcing information processing; Universal access to baseline services; Electronic democracy; Virtual Communities; Digital libraries and electronic forums; Cultural changes and cyberspace; Information industries; Ethics: Gender issues.
    Page Limit: 8,000 to 10,000 Words

  • Apr 04, 12

    Format: Print and Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Information Resources Management Association
    Content/ Topics: Topics related to information technology education including policies and fair use, administrative applications of information technology education, training, data-driven decision making and strategic technology planning, software reviews, equity, social impacts, student achievement, pedagogy;,androgogy; School improvement and reform, standards, and theories and models of instructional systems design.
    Page Limits: 5,500 to 8,000 Words

  • Mar 19, 09

    Format: Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Unknown
    Content/ Topics: Shifting notions of literacy and participation; Media and Civic Engagement; Historical Perspectives on Media and Learning; Digital Divides and Participation Gaps; Identity, media, and learning; Creativity and Innovation; Technologies of the Imagination; Media Literacy and Education; Representation, RAce, and Ethnicity; Designing Learning Environments; The Political Economy of Media and Education; Social and Cultural Dimensions of Media and Learning; Participatory Media; Children's Culture and Youth Culture; Games and Learning; Generational Conflicts and Connections; Lifelong Learning; Media, Play, and Learning
    Page Limit: Essays - 4,000 to 6,000 Words; Shorter Essays or Op-ed pieces - 1,200 to 3,000 Words; Research and/or Theory Orientation - 8,000 to 15,000 Words (Journal also excepts electronic media for the online version of the journal)

  • Apr 16, 08

    Format: Print and Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Information Resources Management Association
    Content/ Topics: Human and technology interactions including consequences of technology use, ethical issues, gender influences on adoption and use of technology, technological risks, etc.
    Page Limit: Unknown

  • May 02, 12

    Format: Online
    Organizations/ Publisher: Society for Applied Learning Technology and The Learning Technology Institute
    Content/Topcis: Applied learning technologies in education, training, and job performance; Phases of contemporary delivery systems; lifelong learning; Strategies or techniques; Training program design; Evaluating design tools and templates; Adapting design to hardware systems and components; Interactive program design
    Page Limit: 2,000 to 3,000 Words

  • Sep 14, 12

    Format: Print and Online (Open Access)
    Organizations/ Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education
    Content/Topics: (Including, but not limited to) Curriculum, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Adult Education, Teacher Education, Education of Special Groups, Gender and Education, Education and Information Technology, Theories of Education, Research and Methodology
    Page Limit: 3,000 to 8,000 Words Suggested

  • Nov 14, 06

    Format: Online and Print
    Organizations/ Publisher: International Forum of Educational Technology and Society
    Content/ Topics: "Architectures for educational technology systems; Computer-mediated communication; Cooperative/ Collaborative learning and environments; Cultural issues in educational System development; Didactic/ Pedagogical issues and Teaching/ Learning Strategies; Distance Education/ Learning; Distance Learning Systems; Distributed Learning Environments; Educational Multimedia; Evaluation; Human-Computer Interface Issues; Hypermedia; Intelligent Learning; Tutoring Environments: Interactive Learning Environments; Learning by Doing; Developing Educational Technology Systems; Multimedia Systems and Applications; Network-Based Learning Environments; Online Education; Simulations for Learning; Web Based Instruction/ Training
    Page Limit: 7,000 Words

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