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    • Therefore the supreme challenge of every scholar and teacher who would prepare these pastors and missionaries is:
    • how shall I study and teach and write and live, so as to help pastors and missionaries know God better than they know anything, and delight in God more than they delight in anything? That is the supreme challenge of your life.

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    • Often, a person who feels shame will try to lessen the pain by shaming others.
    • Hiding weaknesses.
      • Common in Russia, even among Christians and pastors.

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    • Shame in Spain Carolyn E. Kerr - Ken Guenther on 2007-10-25
    • On the other hand, since God reveals his will through the giftedness of those he has called to serve, we can understand a great deal about how God intends to work among a people group at a given time by looking at the giftedness of those he has called. Rather than formulating a plan and then asking missionaries if it fits (or does not fit, as is so often the case), we can line ourselves up with God’s will by formulating a strategy based on the giftedness of those God has called to serve. As a result, the strategy for every people group will look different, not only because the culture is different but also because God has called a specific group of people with specific gifts at a specific time to make disciples.
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