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    • Integral Field Courses
      Learn how Integral Action can serve the planet.
      • JFKU’s Integral Field Courses offer students opportunities to apply Integral Theory to real-world situations.

        Field courses will be offered annually, highlighting different countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. They are coordinated in partnership with organizations from the global south and are connected to local community projects. They offer students opportunities to work dynamically with global issues using the Integral Model, to learn about the dynamic potential of the global village, and to deepen an integral understanding of Being-in-the-World.

        The inaugural integral field course takes place November 15-25th, 2007 in El Salvador.

        This two-unit elective offered by the Integral Studies Department will focus on individual, community, and environmental well-being in a global context. Students will learn about issues that range in scope, such as post-conflict and healing; environmental degradation and sustainability; food security and organic agriculture; self-empowerment and gender equity.

        The field course will involve:

        • Deep and applied learning of integral applications through daily activities, field lectures, assigned projects, and experiential practices.
        • A focus on self-development, critical thinking, integration of theoretical experiences, and self-awareness practices.
        • Community building with students and teachers, as well as with the organizations and people we visit.
    • The MA in Consciousness and Transformative Studies in Integral Studies Department is a 68-unit interdisciplinary program that offers an integrated, multi-faceted approach to the exploration of consciousness, the unfolding of human potential and the implementation of new paradigm thinking. This holistic curriculum integrates five major fields of study: philosophy, psychology, spirituality, ecology, and the new science.
    • This program uses an integral perspective to inquire deeply into the nature of self and reality. An integral exploration of consciousness involves: the individual subjective "I" of personal experience; the intersubjective "We" of community and culture; the objective "It" of empiricism and measurement; and the interobjective "Its" of social, global, and universal systems. Courses include new research in consciousness and transformation, as well as multi-dimensional perspectives on the evolution of consciousness and the awakening of wisdom and compassion in the world.

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    •   Offered in partnership with Integral Institute, the online Master of Arts in Integral Theory* at John F. Kennedy University is the most rigorous and complete training available in the Integral Model. Pioneered by Ken Wilber, the Integral Model is a unifying and comprehensive framework that resonates with people seeking more integrative ways to understand and respond to the complexity of today’s world.  

        The online program is designed to educate the next generation of integrally informed scholar-practitioners to skillfully apply the integral approach to real world challenges in a variety of fields. The online program will include students from around the globe and will form the heart of the world’s first Integral Theory learning community. 

        This 68-unit online program is the world’s first accredited Masters program on the Integral Model developed by Ken Wilber. The first cohort group starts in Fall 2007* and students will form a global learning community engaging collaboratively in courses covering Core Theory, Core Integral and Core Applied topics. The courses, taught by leading Integral scholar-practitioners, deliver a practical and theoretical foundation in all aspects of the Integral Model. Students also gain access to the world’s most extensive Integral knowledge library, including subscriptions to AQAL Journal, Integral Multiplex, and the Integral Spiritual Center.

    • The M.A. in Transformative Arts (68 units) in the Department of Arts & Consciousness addresses a growing cultural imperative that art must reassume its integral position in the community. This program develops the artist's creative work with a focus on healing and personal growth. It prepares students to become facilitators of positive change in the world through art and the creative process.
    • This program reflects the long tradition of art and healing in most of the world's cultures - an understanding of the deep relationship between creativity, community, health, and spirit. The world of contemporary art increasingly recognizes that community and cultural interaction are essential to the creation and evaluation of artwork. Beginning with the work of the Fluxus movement in the 1960s and moving on to innumerable earth-based, community and collaborative art works, artists have strived to integrate social change and artistic expression. With this profound change in the way art is viewed comes a change in the way artists must be educated.

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    • The Master of Arts in Integral Psychology in the Integral Studies Department is a 68 quarter-unit program designed to inspire and educate the next-generation of integrally informed scholar-practitioners.
    • The program explores the complexity of the human psyche using the Integral (AQAL) model as its guiding framework. With an experiential and academically rigorous approach to teaching, students learn about the psychological relationships within and between body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. The supportive community created among students is often cited by students as one of the programs most rewarding aspects.

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    • Holistic Health Education - MA
    • The Master of Arts in Holistic Health Education (68 units) in the School of Holistic Studies promotes a holistic vision of health with health education as part of personal, social, and spiritual growth. The holistic health program explores and promotes the integration of healthcare modalities.

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