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Jovanie Gomez's List: Independent Learning

    • Independent learning
    • This is the only reference to independent learning in the latest Ofsted schedule. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be encouraging students’ independence in their learning.
       With the spiralling access to information, skills and experiences, and the level of instant global communication, I believe it would be irresponsible not to support learners to develop their abilities to learn rather than to be taught.

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    • Independent Learning
    • Independent learning is a method or learning process where learners have ownership and control of their learning - they learn by their own actions and direct, regulate, and assess their own learning. The independent learner is able to set goals, make choices, and decisions about how to meet his learning needs, take responsibility for constructing and carrying out his own learning, monitor his progress toward achieving his learning goals, and self-assess the learning outcomes.
    • 7 Characteristics of Independent Learners
    • Independent learners want to find out more about the world. They seek out ways to explore. They learn from various angles and formats, not just traditional instruction. They are proactive and find ways to access additional lesson supplements on their own.

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    • What is Independent Learning?
    • “Independent Learning is learning that is self-directed. The learning is defined, organised and completed by the learner. Educators (experts) may act as facilitators or guides. However, the learner is encouraged to plot their own path and to value their own research as well as input from peers on the same level as information and guidance that they may gain from teachers (experts).”

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