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Joshua Kahn's List: Search Contests

  • Apr 11, 08

    rob's dog contest, the challenge and rules.


      Scavenger Hunt: Find Rob's dog!


      My  manager Rob is weird.  I’ve never denied that.  But he recently  devised a weird little game that I think you all may enjoy as well.


      Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes, and likewise, several different  roles and careers exist beneath the “recruiter” umbrella.  Some recruiters  specialize in selling candidates on opportunities.  Some recruiters excel  at "sourcing" resumes.  Some recruiters are great with account  managing difficult clients.  Some recruiters love building an employment  brand and devising programs to better evangelize our opportunities. (oh,  wait.  That one is me.) 


      And behind all these other types of recruiters are the recruiters you will  never see, hear, or meet … the Researcher.  This person is the master-mind  behind building “people intelligence.”  We mostly keep them hidden in  closets. ;-)


      Some Researchers gather their primary intelligence by phone; others do it via  the internet.  Right now, we  are looking for the internet kind.  


      So Rob threw out this challenge to interested applicants …


      My name is Rob McIntosh.  What is the name of my old dog in  Australia?.....See if you can find it and tell me how you got  there.


      To apply for the role, an applicant must first tell Rob the answer and, more  importantly, how he or she found the answer.  Now, I assume you all aren’t  interested in joining Microsoft as a Recruiter, but I thought you might be  interested in taking on this challenge.  (Hey, the weekend is coming  up, afterall.)


      Here are the rules:


      You can not post the answer on this blog.


      You can not post any proven successful steps on this  blog.


      But you can email me privately with the answer if you get it, and  I’ll ask Rob to tell you if you are right or not. 


      You can also discuss ideas amongst yourself, but again, no posting proven  correct steps or answers.  Don’t spoil the game for others.  I’ll  remove those comments.


      Happy hunting!



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      What is the name of Rob's dog? ... The Answer!


      Last week, I challenged you to find Rob's  dog.  A lot of people emailed us ... some close to the correct answer;  others miles away. :)  Well, tonight, Rob sent me an email and asked me to  post the path to his dog.  So here is Rob ....




      There were three critical steps that I was looking for people to reach into  their bag of sourcing tricks...So here's the answer and how you get  there!
      Step 1 = Use of multiple search engines (vs just  Google)
      Specific Example: If you enter the search of "rob mcintosh"  blog in Google you would get results but it would miss my blog. If you enter the  same search in Yahoo/Altavista as an example you would find my blog on the first  page - "Australian Recruiter meets Uncle Sam"
      Step 2 =  Deeper Internet technique...Looking at the source code on a  page
      When you arrive at my blog you will find the usual stuff except  if you look at the top post of "If a blog falls in a forest would anyone hear it  fall" it has an initial anonymous (me ;-) comment which is actually a hint. It  reads "To understand the question one must look within to seek enlightenment!".  A lot of internet recruiters know that sometimes you can find some gems in the  source code of a web page. If you look within the source code on this page about  3/4 of the way down you will find
      Dear  Recruiter/Researcher......Now you are on the right path to completing my  challenge :-) !!!!!!!
      McIntosh's Of Seattle


      Step 3 = The Final Step


      Now you are at a personal web page that is near impossible to find by itself  or indexed by any search engine unless you had the link. I have mentioned in  other posts that there is no point rusing/contacting my staff as I had prepared  them to be potentially contacted (which a lot of good recruiters would actually  try by going the direct route and just asking people), plus I also never told  them the name of my dogs anyway.


      This site has a lot of potential leads to other sites or images but all would  be a dead end. In one part of the site is the contact email address of a few  people and in particular my father. If you look at his email address it ends  with a which is the give away that he is still in Australia. He had  actually been prepped ahead of time that he might get emailed unusual requests  for my dog's name from strangers.


      If you do what a lot of recruiters do as bread and butter (networking) then  if you sent him an email he should respond with the answer :-


      The Answer:


      1) A Rhodesian Ridgeback called 'Kimba"
      2) A King Charles Cavalier  Cocker Spaniel called 'Tuffy'


      I hope you all enjoyed playing as I got a lot of emails and calls from both  Software Developers and Recruiters that said they had a blast with the challenge  and spent many an hour trying to work out the problem.


      For you are interested in me creating another one (not necessarily for a job  opening on my team), drop me a email (if you can find my email address  ;-) and if the demand is there, then my team would be happy to devise  another.


      Rob McIntosh

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    • Here are a few meaningless clues to get you  started...

      1.    The name of my dog is on the  internet and it can be found with enough due dilligence.
      2.     My dog has a funny, but familiar name (at least to people in  my generation).
      3.    My dog says "woof!"  
      4.    My dog doesn't like C++, java or any other type of  coffee.
      5.     My dog actually likes Cats, but has a disdain  for Garfield.
      6.     My dog, like George Clinton, is quite  atomic.
      7.    When it comes to sourcing, my dog has his own  style.

      Here's a real clue for you: No need to tell me that you know the  answer! Should you discover the name of my lovable pooch, I will know instantly!
      • the answer was to look through the sourcecode of the original post, within was clues to find a webpage called searchthecode, the clue also instructed users to enter a specific word, the name of which escapes me, and that led you to an autoresponder program, where you'd enter your email address that would notify Jim that you had found it, and email you the answer automatically

  • Apr 11, 08

    the site for the sourcecon conference.

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