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  • Mar 20, 10

    A Syrian Christian presents an excellent short defense and explanation of a "sincere-believer" kind of dialog.

    • How should Christians who have a passion for evangelization relate to Islam? For North Americans, the question took on new urgency in the wake of September 11. But Christians in Muslim-majority societies have dealt with the question far longer. Growing up Christian in Syria gave Chawkat Moucarry many opportunities to interact with Muslims and learn about Islam. In this installment of the Global Conversation, World Vision International's director of interfaith relations describes his commitment to both dialogue and mission.


      I have never understood why some people look at dialogue and mission in either-or terms. In my experience, these words belong so much to each other that they should never be divorced. Evangelical Christians (whose theology I share) have shown an unwarranted suspicion of dialogue, simply because some have used it as a substitute for mission. Not only are the two words compatible, but they must shape each other.

  • May 25, 10

    A good, short presentation about how sincere believers should be involved in inclusive dialog. In his third point, he includes several specific examples of both "nice" and "not nice" passages from the Bible and Quran and discusses how Muslims and Christians deal with them.

    • “Charity and True Religion: The Struggle for Religious Tolerance”


      World Islamic Call Society, Tripoli, Libya


      by Dr. Gary M. Burge, Ph.D


      Wheaton College & Graduate School – Wheaton, Illinois USA

    • A cloud of steam lifted from the lamb stew. The garlic in the rice wafted tantalized noses while everyone waited for the speakers to conclude. The homemade chocolate cakes and apple pies sat on the folding tables at the side, where children eyed them eagerly. It could have been any church pot luck dinner. But about 50 members of two Phoenix-area mosques had accepted the invitation to dinner at Vineyard Community Church in Gilbert (Arizona). So the lamb was halal. And while the men dined in the church sanctuary, the women ate their communal meal in the fellowship hall.


      At the Love Your Neighbor Dinner, Pastor Jack Moraine and Imam Mahmoud each spoke for a few minutes about the Islamic and Christian perspectives on ministering to the poor. Then the gender-segregated groups tucked into their meals. This was a replay of dinner about a month earlier, when the church members had visited the mosque for a meal.


      Both evenings were sponsored by the newly-launched Peace Catalyst International (PCI), which seeks to initiate peacemaking between the communities in a variety of creative ways.

    • When Bob Roberts meets with Muslims around the world, he is always introduced as an evangelical Christian or a Baptist pastor from Texas.
    • Pastor of Northwood Church in Keller, Texas, Roberts has been working with Muslims for eight years now. And it's been eight years since he stopped fearing Muslims and started building relationships with those he knew very little about.

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