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Angela Harnett's List: Holocaust for Middle/High School Students

  • Oct 02, 10\
    This gateway offers a timeline of the Holocaust from 1918 to the present. Students will learn the events before during and after the Holocaust. Located on top of the page are links to people and art during this time. Great resource for students and teachers. Activities and resources are provided for teacher use for elementary, middle and high school students.

  • Oct 02, 10\n\nA gateway that offers middle school students a look into videos, audio and stories about the Holocaust. Explore information about Anne Frank, witnesses and survivors, and Oskar Schindler. Located on the left of the page students also receive information about survivor foundations, Auschwitz and museums and memorials. Learn about the famous Elie Wiesel and his story of his time in a concentration camp.

  • Oct 02, 10 of the Holocaust

    Hear stories of Holocaust survivors through this gateway. Perfect for middle/high school students to read survivor stories of this time. Click on the link and students will be re-directed to another site in which they type Holocaust in the search. There they will be able to read testimonies and view background information. Also great to use as a teacher resource, discussion worksheets and a teacher handbook is provided.

  • Oct 02, 10\n\n\n\nThis gateway is all about the Holocaust concrentration camps. Take a look inside Auschwitz through PBS. Interactive maps and pictures are provided to enhance middle school or high school students learning by seeing real images. Beryl Korot takes a look inside the camp and captures images/video called Dachau 1974. Under the learning resource link check out the teaching guides and biographies of people associated with the Holocaust.

  • Oct 02, 10\\n\n\nNeed Information about the Holocaust for middle school or high school students? This gateway provides facts and pictures of the Holocaust and information about prisoners and concentration camps. This gaetway is also a good way to find movies of the Holocaust. Scroll down to look for movie reviews to see if it may be right for your students. Learn about the Yellow Star and click on the links located at the top of the page to be directed to information about Hitler, poetry and terms of the Holocaust and much more.

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