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    • iPhone is a revolutionary new mobile phone that allows you to make a call by simply tapping a name or number in your address book, a favorites list, or a call log. It also automatically syncs all your contacts from a PC, Mac, or Internet service.
      • Have you ever thought of having a hand sized laptop?if you are lured by new electronics and their superb features then dont miss the chance to meet IPHONE.

    • The iPhone is a multimedia and Internet-enabled quad-band GSM EDGE-supported mobile phone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.
      • i bet you ,you're asking yourself now what is the might think its a mobile or something that has to do with calling...No ,its not just that.iphone is a new device that is totally taking over the computers age..It is an internet browser,ipod,and a calling device.It is a much lighter and simpler to use than a notebook computer

    • iPhone features compilation
      • Thats what makes it special!This a video that compiles all the iphones features together and brings it to reality!watch this video and enjoy the implausible features.

    • A handheld device powerful enough to let me leave my notebook computer home and still get things done on a weekend trip without too much difficulty.
      • You don't need to carry your laptop everyday to work can still get things done on a weekend trip without difficulty.The new iphone brings you to the world of internet browsing .iphone is a very entertaining device that contains almost everything a notebook computer has.

    • writing, e-mail, Web browsing, making and receiving phone call.

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    • All Things iPhone
      • Pricing?
        Is it expensive?
        is it worth this price?
        how can u believe its worth?
        You dont have to go and see the iphone in reality ,i'll bring it to you .just click any icon of the iphone's in this window to know more about and see if it still can convince you that its worth the money you'll pay for.

    • 1. The release
    • five most important facts about the iPhone. Are they good or bad?
      • here are some facts about the iphone and some features...

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      • are you interested in the iphone?want to know more about it?go ahead and watch this video that covers everything about iphone and its features.Get a closer look at the iphone.

    •  <script language="javascript">document.write(jBreadcrumbTitle);</script>10 Awesome iPhone Accessories
      • check out these awesome iphone accessories..they make it special and unique..its one of a kind...don't miss it!

    • Apple Profits Soar 67% On iPhone, Mac Sales
      • The iphone has helped soar Apple's profits 67%.Iphones sales reached up to 1.1 million .

    • The Ultimate iPhone Frequently Asked Questions
      • Do you still have doubts ?do you still have a vague picture of the iphone?This is a very helpful place to learn more about the iphone and clear your doubts.Here are some FAQ..If you dont find your question then scroll down to the bottom of the page and shoot your question:)

    • Another huge category is iPhone questions. Never mind that many of these questions either (a) have been answered by Apple, either on its elaborate, interactive Web site or the free video of Steve Jobs’s speech, or (b) come from people who fantasize about fitting the iPhone into their own particular wish lists.

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    • Gallery
      • entertain yourself with some TV ADS and photos of the Iphone.

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