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    • data visualization art is concerned with the anti-sublime. If Romantic artists thought of certain phenomena and effects as un-representable, as something which goes beyond the limits of human senses and reason, data visualization artists aim at precisely the opposite: to map such phenomena into a representation whose scale is comparable to the scales of human perception and cognition
    • distinguishing the “forest” from the “trees
    • this chapter provides an art historical and philosophical context for understanding information visualization projects undertaken as artistic research
    • the "data storehouses" of the oral cultures of the past were the elders who would pass down information from generation to generation
    • There is no digital art or new media object in the broadest sense that does not have a layer of code and algorithms, even if its physical and visual manifestation distracts from this underlying layer.

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    • Like narrative, the database also represents a basic way of organising human experience
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