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dodee90 's List: islam=peace

    • This is Islam
      • i would like to end this by a song about islam..that is really beauiful and really simple for the non musilms..and to end this i would like to say there is many black sheeps in many religions.

    • Learn Islam from Muslim Scholars - Not from CNN, Fox & Sky
      • if you want to learn about islam do not go to a non musilm person for that.. but go to a musilm who understands the religion well and is part of this religion...who can let you understand islam in a good and true way..

    • Concept of Peace in Islam
    • I n this regard, prophet Mohammad ordered his fellow Muslims to >  salute others Muslims or non-Muslims with peace when he said: "Peace >  Before Speech" >
      • before believing all the things on t.v and media...look at other facts who are not there main target is money. look at many different facts about isalm in many books and pages .. before putting an idea about islam in your head.

    • Who is the Terrorist ?
      • people say that when musilms kill other people they are terrorists and evil..but what do you say to people who kill musilms with no reason.this is a video where musilms people also get hurt and killed...and the song has a big meaning to musilms and non musilms.

    • What does Islam say about terrorism? Are Muslims Terrorist? What About 911?
      • this man talks about the history and facts that 100% true about islam..and says that terrorism was not only done by musilms but by alot of people. and has its own history but the religion was not to blame.. then why do you blame islam on terrorism? if you kow your history then you will kow that many people from different religions lived in peace under islamic rule.

      • for every non-musilm or even musilm people wonder if islam is a peaceful religon then why there is so many musilm people who are terrorist kill many people and children with no reason...the religion is not to be blamed but the people who are doing those thing should be blamed...islam does not belive in terrorism..terrorists are not true musilms in islam.

    • Population of Muslims around the World
      • as you see in this map musilms are all over the world..mostly in the gulf countries...people say that islam is the religion of terrorism and it leads to wars and fights, then all musilms more then a billion are terrorists...if that is so then musilm people would have distroyed the world in no time and musilm people would have ruled the world...this is not true because musilm people live in peace and haramony..and the religion keeps on spreading all over the world.

      • you may be a christain protestant,catholic,jew,an theist,or an agnostic or you may belong to any of many different religous denominations existing in today's world. you might even be a communist or belive in man's democracy as the rule on earth.whoever you are and whatever ideoloical or politial beliefs,social habits you may hold there is no doubt you must know this man mohammed(PBUH)

    • This "A-Z" on Muhammad, peace be upon him, deals with well established facts about Muhammad, peace be upon him, but certainly does not include everything there is to know about Muhammad, peace be upon him. Volumes and encyclopedias and even libraries have been dedicated to presenting the picture of this great man.
      • this is the prefect page to understand the real truth about islam and you will see all your ideas about islam is a evil religion is wrong

      • islam is a religion of peace...judasim and christainity and islam are all religion send from god which is a proof that they all religions of peace but there is alot of misconception

    • Today, many non-Muslims regard Islam as a religion that promotes violence, terrorism and war. Unfortunately, they rely  in their view of Islam on the general media, which is not always accurate in reporting the news. Many media outlets, such  as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, are influenced by their

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      • this is a brife 5 min explanation about islam... if you do not know anything thing about islam,is is the perfect way to see and hear at the same time an introductuon on islam.

    • 5 minutes introduction to islam
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